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  1. I've owned a jag for a few years now, and I've noticed that my high e gets knocked out of tune a lot due to the fact that tuners actually lose. On my other guitars I can tighten the peg with a screw but on my CIJ jag there is no screws anywhere on the tuner. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Josh.
  2. Use a heavier gauge, I think Ernie ball "not even slinky" sound really nice.
  3. Well I got some spare cash hanging around and I was wondering if it's worth it spending out on some locking tuners, would they just slip in the old holes or would you need to drill new larger ones?
  4. link Will this fit? It's not on the list.
  5. Well is it a curved bottom? or straight.
  6. Well after my cutting attempt, I think I'll replace my old nut lol. Any specific recommendations for what i should get? Will all fender 'curved' nuts fit a jag? Also what's the best material? Thanks in advance.
  7. I use 12's . But yeah, a big reason for where i was going wrong was the fact i was strectching my strings well enough. The guitar is much better. And I have a jaguar, with a stang bridge (prefer it to the jag one, even when properly set up).
  8. Yeah, it's particulary the B and E strings that go out, could you go into more detail about how to wind the high e? And thanks for the help everyone.
  9. Damn...I filed the G slot slightly too wide, it keeps clicking, Looks like a need a new nut now...why did I buy a jag. And I cant even sell it in this state.
  10. Hmmm...it seems the my jag's nut is cut so small...it wont even take 11's without going out of tune, only 10's.
  11. Ergh...the guitar tech in my area is fully booked for a few months, and there are no others ( I live on the crappy old Isle of Wight). Is there any way I can do it myself without nut files or buy a new nut?
  12. Yeah I'm gonna take it to a tech to get it filed. I like the 12's too much to change back. I hate slinky strings O.o.
  13. is it just me or does the action look damn high? :S
  14. Yeah when i bought the 12's he said the nut should be fine. Can you post a pic of your nut and tuners? It would help.
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