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  1. Hi! I've just bought a silverface bassman 50. I had the chance to try a 66 bandmaster in the shop as well, both are great amps, but (at least in this case) bassman reaches darker sounds keeping brightness, while bandmaster seemed brighter but lower sound, it is 40W and bassman's got 50. On the other hand bassman has neither tremolo nor reverb channels, bandmaster has not reverb... anyhow both are great amps, sure you won't make a mistake
  2. Hi friends, I'm looking for a fender amp for my AV jag reissue. My preference was to buy a new twin reverb, but now I'm confused, I explain to you why: I've got the possibility of buying a Blackface 1966 Fender Bandmaster, here, in Spain, this is not a very popular item, I've been searching and realize bandmaster shares several features with twin reverb blackface, like AB763 circuit or jensen speakers. On the other hand, twin is a 85w amp, while bandmaster's got 40w. However this info is not enough to make a decission, please please please, has someone got/known/played/used the Fender bandmaster? what's your opinion? would you compare it with twin reverb? Thanks in advance V
  3. Hi friends, I've got a fabulous mustang which I'm really happy, but I'd like to know what kind of pickups do I have to use to get more sustain and volume in low frequencies. The guitar has the stock pickups now and they don't reach a "normal" volume Thanks and regards V
  4. hi, here you can find two cases http://www.thomann.de/iw_smb_suche.html ... IFF=jaguar The brown one comes with the AV jag it's a german shop, Regards
  5. Hi friends, some weeks ago I wrote you asking for some questions about AV Jaguars, your answers made me forget my doubts and I finally purchased this fabulous instrument. I received it yesterdeay and I have no words!! Don't know what's more beautiful, the look or the sound. It's amazing, I can't be more satisfied, thanks for your comments, I hope some day I can help as you did, meanwhile I will keep on learning of your posts Best regards from Spain! Victor PS: by the way, one question: there's no any "made in usa" text on the guitar, I don't doubt it is an american one, but is it normal? could it be proved by the serial number?
  6. Thank you very much! I didn't know that difference! I'll keep on reading more messages, but I think I will buy the american at the end, I really take a fancy to this guitar thanks again, V
  7. Hello!! Well, after having a stratocaster all my musical life I think it's the moment to change and try new sounds. I've been always in love with the fender Jaguar, but price has been a barrier. Now things are changing and maybe I will be able to buy an American Reissue. I'm from Spain and here most of the Jaguars you can see are japanese. I've tried some and it seems difficult to play with distortion effects, they usually squeals too much. On the other hand, in general we have the idea that American jaguar sounds better, quality of components is better... the problem here is that (unless you live in a very very big city) you can't try an american one. Reading your messages (great dudes!) I've learnt a lot, but I'm still hesitating and one of my main concerns is the distortion, I wondered if the American Reissue squeals as easyly as the japanese. Another different topic is the price, you are lucky, I've seen many on-line shops in USA where you can buy the AV Jaguar in 1399$, less than 1200
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