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  1. I'm looking for some on google and cannot find any.
  2. I'm looking for something that I can play full chords with. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. There is no greatest guitarist of all time. There are some amazing Jazz players that always get omitted and you never know, there could be someone unknown that could blow any of these guys away. This list should be called greatest known rock guitarist of all time.
  4. No believe me, I am adding a little personality to it, for example, I plan on putting pearl inlays in the neck, that'd look pretty sweet..
  5. Wouldn't it be kind of pricey though, my budget is somewhat tight.
  6. I was wondering if anyone knew of any around. I can only find one.
  7. This kid I know has the $200 cheap Starcaster Strat copy, and personally, I think it is horrid. My $100 Squire Bullet Special owns it.
  8. So it wouldn't have to be scaled up?
  9. I think it'd be sweet. I wonder if Warmoth could do it.
  10. I'd have that over the Jackson model any day, nice job.
  11. I remember seeing a few on ebay awhile back, but I just checked and can find none. Good luck though.
  12. That's amazing. It's sort of my goal for my jag-stang that I am building in the future, except the humbucker will be slanted, and I am planning on using a mustang bridge.
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