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  1. thanks GP.. any one here ever tried the Arion analog delay? is it good??
  2. so it can't be chain up with the other boss pedal with the same adaptor right? thanks...
  3. hello guys... can please help and explain what is the diff between digital delay, analog delay, tape delay and all that.. which is the best delay..? thanks
  4. Two different modes of chorusing (CHR1 and CHR2), they'll probably sound a bit different.. plus it has a vibrato mode (VB I think). Beware of the new Nano/XO Electro Harmonix pedals, people are saying they're very noisy and can't be used in a daisy chain power situation because of the way they're made. thanks doog.. i think the new EHX pedals, a lot of them just uses 9V. if i'm not wrong..
  5. anybody here have tried one? is it good?i'm thinking of getting one.. what does CH1 and CH2 means..?
  6. i was thinking about getting the nano muff... the clone theory and the stereo polyphase?
  7. oh ok... at 1st i thought it was a looper..
  8. thanks tweez.. sampler? what does that mean for the dsd-3? is it a loopeR?
  9. BTW, how much it would be for that CS Jaguar? just wondering..
  10. anybody here have tried these pedals? can explain how it sounds?thanks for the input. -DSD-3 Digital Sampler/Delay -DC-3 Dimension C -FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz
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