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  1. I have been worried since i got the impression that basswood is really junky, and only really used because it's cheap? My Mustang is made of basswood, and i want the guitar to last a long time. Is it true that it won't last as long and is basswood that crappy?
  2. my guitar has a very good setup but i feel like the stock bridge is somehow inconstistant and it's like the bass strings can't stay in tune and is buzzing ect. won't i get anything from a tune-o-matic bridge if my setup is good?
  3. I'm thinking about getting a standard tune-o-matic bridge in my mustang, but there is something i don't understand. It's about the radius thing, what exactly is it that doesn't fit? and is it the saddles on the bridge or the saddle on the guitar im supposed to file? I also wanna know if it's even a good idea to get a tune-o-matic bridge. I have read on some threads that people find it unnesary.
  4. I mean when there is string tention, where will the pressure be?
  5. i am in doubt about how im gonna do this. I will need 2 screws, 2 nuts and 2 washers. I was planning to put them on UNDER the plate, but you say the washers are too big for that, what if i don't use washers then? would that be harmful, ok or wouldn't work?
  6. yes didn't realise that was a language mistake, i'm not trying to appear unsophisticated
  7. why flip the bar? from experience the sustain is worse with the tailpiece flipped
  8. won't there be alot of pressure on the thin plate?
  9. hey that's pretty cool does it lose sustain this way?
  10. I recently put 2x Lace Sensor gold in my mustang and i had my grandpap to do it, since he is a former airplane engineer and is very good with tools. You basicly just have to make the metal stick and that's it. I think i could do it myself now because i saw how it was done, it's not complicated and you can't ruin anything. Just look how it was wired and read the manual.
  11. very cool band. But the lead sound sounds like iron maiden, is that on purpose? lol
  12. I have been thinking about putting Lace Sensor red in the bridge and silver in the neck position in my 69 reissue mustang - have anyone got any experience with Lace Sensor pickups?
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