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  1. mine is for sale.... fiesta red...no mods...pretty much brand new... $2500 paypal only!
  2. yo where did u get that tweed case that fits it??? who makes it??
  3. dont take it too seriously...its kinda sad if a forum post is spoiling ur day...
  4. yeah...the headstock only has the fender logo on it, no "jag-stang"...actually looks kinda neat
  5. you could try drilling into it and ram it in there till it fits
  6. Music racism sucks. You should get a virtual size 10 boot kicked two feet up your ass for that. ADMINISTER RICK!!! ADMINISTER RICK!! where are you!!! this topic was droped like 3 weeks ago bro...dont start it up agian...i dont want to get involved...ill take the higher ground this time by ignoring it, but idk what ricks gonna do...
  7. they sent it to him with a note says "sorry u are dead, hope this makes u feel better" yeah he wasnt too happy with it so he made those changes...he also wanted it the be Ash (the color) because he could relate to it. then he decided this was the guitar for him! (continue the story here...)
  8. maybe u should just keep drilling until u can make it fit!!! drilling into a guitar when u dont know what your doing = not a good idea
  9. im guessing he is probably using the humbucker...(both switches back)
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