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  1. I talked to my Fender rep recently about the possibility of a JS RI and from what he said, they have absolutely no plans of re-issuing the Jag-Stang. I was bummed out, but keep in mind they're issuing more Jag's & Jazzy's these days, Sonic Youth/JMascis etc.........so ya never know...
  2. What kind of Jag? I might be interested....I have a '96 Sonic Blue.
  3. I bought one of those about a year ago (although I didn't get it for $150, what a deal!) and yes, it is the same model Cobain used. It's got a great neck and the action is sooperb, I'd never sell mine. It's got a great vibe.
  4. I just returned from a trip to Japan. I spent a week there and lemme tell you guys, it's 'stang/Jag/Jazz HEAVEN. Saw a bunch of cool color combos that you never see in North America. I'll post my pics soon. Japanese guit stores are the best.
  5. Unfortunatly, the '65 RI's don't come with a case or a gig bag. We have 2 at the shop I work at and they just came in triangular card board boxes. They're great guits, really fun to play, but sadly, no case or gig bag.....be cool if Fender released an American Vintage Re-Issue w/old school case....hmmmmmmm
  6. Ha, I just came upon that listing and then came here to see if anyone else saw this crazy mofo's ad. What a fruit cake.
  7. He has it re-listed with an $899 BIN......wow. GFL with that. Ha. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... %26fvi%3D1
  8. So I have this old guy who keeps popping into my shop every couple of months looking to sell me his old '65 Mustang. You might say, well that's not much of a problem, but the thing is he wants, what I think to be, too much scratch for it ($1000CAN) but I'm not sure......There are a few things to consider: 1. It's was stripped of it's original Daphne Blue paint in the early '70s & the guy who did it for him didn't do the best job ever.(chips, etc) 2. Bridge phase switch isn't original (which leads me to believe that some of the electronics aren't original either.) 3. Non original case. 4. Neck plate has a name scratched into it. I checked up on the serial # and sure enough, it's a '65 alright. Be great to add to my collection. So anyways, my question to you all is this....How much would you pay for a beat up '65 'stang?
  9. Olympic White! It's pretty rad. Had one in the shop I work at, sold within a few days. Dakota Red a close second in looks, sold that in about a week. The Daphne Blue's been there for quite awhile if that says anything.
  10. I paid $500 for my Sonic Blue '96/w HSC last year. I had a '96 Fiesta Red a few years back I bought for $330 at a second hand store.
  11. Drool................... http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie ... :IT&ih=015 I bid on it, got outbid, might bid on it again..depends on how many beer I have tonight. God Bless drunk ebay'ing.
  12. The best muff I've tried has got to be the Metal Muff. Great gain on it, plus it's got the lead boost on it too. Super crunchy!
  13. With the red PG, I think the white pups look better.....if ya had the original pg, i think black pups would work.
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