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  1. Hi My Guitar(Fender Mustang 69 Ri CiJ) always go out of tune the wound strings stay in tune but Plain no,what should i do with the nut? And what should i do with the nut to have heavier string 11p from 10p Thenk
  2. thenks, i don't want to sound like Kurt!I live in a hole i cant just go and test some guitars amps ...
  3. my guitar (mustang) have humbucker in the bridge SD JB Jr. i heard the boss ds-2 on nirvena album 'In Utero' and i thought is great but when i play it on my equipment Mustang 69 ri with jb jr., marshall mg 15 it has such a dry, thin..sound
  4. Hi i just get boss ds-2 distortion and its sound awsome when run together with my marshall mg 15 distortion chanell,but when playing clean chanell and ds-2 sounds thin and 'not good' my guitar is mustang 69 ri cij
  5. I have a question,are you baying a distortion pedal even when you allready got a 2 chanel amp with clean and distortion ?
  6. For wich type of rock are the Big Muff the best choise, for wich ProCoRAT and Boss DS-2??
  7. Hi, what is a better distortion pedal (crunch,high gain...)Boss DS-2 or ProCo Rat
  8. Thats a Fender mustang Ri CiJ ,and Rick can go something wrong with a pickup when someone set it so high that ther is no 2mm-3mm distance from string to magnets? i can t post sound samples
  9. Hi I have a problem with e1 string signal,maybe someone of you can help me.I have alredy try to set the PU high to very high and to very low,but the signal of the e1 string from 1 fret to 22 fret sounds wrong (not------------)(just~~~~~~~)THenks
  10. my mustang's dead? what shame looks like i will have to go out and but a new 65 RI. the mustang sounds perfectly fine w/o a humbucker if you wanted your guitar sound alive then a guess you should get a gibson EUPHORIA do you have a humbucker on the bridge of your mustang?
  11. the upgrade to a humbuker doas not change the sound of the mustang. it just make it more alive.
  12. Hi, i got new bridge pu SD JB Jr. and stock neck,the problem is when i play clean just on the neck pickup the E6 string is much louder then the rest. Thenks
  13. just tell me to where i have to put the red,white,black,green and bare,wich place off the swich
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