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  1. yo landon...that pick u have for under your reply...is that kurt with a fiesta red mustang with a red pickguard?
  2. thank you....now i KNOW my jagstangs pickup switch functions have been changed....so you went.... 1) Neck only -x- --x 2) Bridge only x-- -x- 3) Neck + Bridge x-- x-- 4) Neck + Bridge out of phase x-- --x is that right?
  3. I belive so huh...i think i was in 2nd grade last time i was called that....must be a british thing
  4. yeah that actually is pretty cool...what is that, foam green with matching headstock? THats pimp
  5. 3 questions... 1) are u going to give the neck and headstock a glossy finish? 2) How much in total (parts, to get it painted, ect.) did it cost? 3) Did you get instructions to make it or do you know alot about crafting guitars?
  6. yeah i think this tremolo leo fender created and patented is acaully very remarkable. Compared to other tremolos, the way this one works by rolling on the strings is briliant. Its a shame that people lock it down taking away from the guitars ability.
  7. because....why would you buy a 70 $ pedal thats not really even an effect...just to eliminate the hum? Playing live, it doesnt matter if your guitar humms a little....no one will notice
  8. buy it, you like it. Its ovoiously not a bad guitar...and since you said you got the sounds u like out of it...then you should like it. Try other guitars and make sure its the one you want. Why dont you like the trem? I hope its not because everyone else says they dont like it.
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