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  1. Yeah I think worn is when they just put a satin finish on it. As to why, I cannot say...
  2. mmm that guitar smells like teen spirit...... god that was corny im sorry. I had to do it.
  3. Luckily Ive never had anything stolen in the few shows Ive ever done. I think that you could officially state that as a boner killer. Sorry dude.
  4. umm CBS doesnt own Fender anymore dude. They havent for almost 20 years I think.
  5. Well you have to admit that the retrorocket kinda has the lines youre looking for, just without the fenderness.
  6. I think you need a special permit to operate something like that.
  7. I dont think it could be very hard to get a serial number put on a metal plate though.
  8. Well if you want to be that way then you cant like the Stratocaster because it was based off the P-Bass. fo real
  9. See the thing is I like the look of a Jag-Stang, regardless of Kurt Cobain's involvement. Thats why I think itd look good as a bass and in surf green. Saying it would lose appeal due to different colors is something similar to saying people would hate a Strat because the colors are different than what Leo Fender originally painted them. Though there probably are people like that in the world. Oh and for the record (is there even one?) I have a friend who bought a Mustang bass because Cobain played a Mustang guitar.
  10. if your going to make a JS bass...you have to keep it the same color as the JS. (fiesta red or sonic blue)....its just a given Or what? The headless ghost of Kurt Cobains gonna come down...or up... and smash a ghost guitar into my ghost amplifier? Bah, I think not sir!
  11. Its really cool looking though id put more thought into the pickups cause it looks kind of crowded. Also it needs to be surf green with a matching headstock.
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