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  1. Hahahahahha I need a picture of my friends guitar he made, its so ####ty. The action is really high, the strings must float like an inch from the neck - so ####ty yet so fun.
  2. now I gotta LMFAO! Well I havnt spoke to Don. I'm just thinking of getting either a Fender or Epiphone so Im just looking around. I like the epiphone explorers and ive tried one, but I wanted one a bit different - and to me this one is.
  3. I just used a translator, but heres the general idea: Guitar Fender Mustang, its serial number says that was manufactured in USES in 1977. A total peculiarity as opposed to the model one standard this has the black door knocker, clothes rack invested, cords that pass since the back of the body, dark green color and a tablet humbucker, all original. I have had five Mustang and this sounds especially well, a lot better than the other, I suppose that will be for the aged natural of the tablets and dried of the wood, but sounds really well, very definite and with the typical one hit of the Mustang old. The aspect is that of a guitar of luxury, with all its switches and potentiometers functioning perfectly and without noises. Totally it revised and octavada, the mast is comod
  4. Now you said that, Il have to Taken moments before the guitar was digested.
  5. I really like the look of it and considering its an epip ive assumed it to be good. Ive tried out an epip explorer and I like that - so I thought it might be the same sorta principle
  6. How do I learn it? I mean sometimes I can work out melodies if I try but I find it difficult with chords and stuff and solos.
  7. Ive bugged a few people for this tab on here. I wondered if anybody had actually attempted to tab it out or has a link to where I can find it. Ive been suggested to try and play it by hear, but thats not something I can do - either a skill you have or you dont - and I dont
  8. It is called like "worn" but it doesnt look worn :/ I think its just because of the surface, its not exaclty like some big fat guy took a bite out of the body or anything...Looks like its called worn because of the grainyness
  9. Epiphone Worn Firebird Studio...hot or not?
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