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  1. Jag-Stang's inadvertently become a collector's guitar, yes. Few people seem to play them. Goodness knows what's happened to the "reissue" ones, because I hardly ever see them sold because they're so unsought after.
  2. http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/hardware_other.html
  3. It seems to me like your bridge cups are positioned a different distance apart from the holes on the plate. I say you just tap it with hammer until it fits over them, it's supposed to be a snug fit.
  4. I don't even know who he is, but I swear he has a Tune-o-Matic.
  5. If you're not a gambling man, try to find a whole saddle replacement. Then you get a spare.
  6. Dude you have about 20 Mustangs, open up another one and compare.
  7. The pickguard is meant to be like that, it's no mistake. It's meant to be symmetrical with the control plate, which also doesn't flow with the body. Can't wait to see some pictures too, custom Jag-Stangs are always cool!
  8. That's a myth, I've seen a few refinished Jag-Stangs go for a LOT recently. If it's an original and in mint condition, you'll still get plenty of money if you sell it at the right time.
  9. B to B is where it's at. If you can't handle that, you shouldn't be playing something as radical as a baritone in the first place.
  10. Such a professional setup. Seriously dude, the CIJ and MIJ guitars are exactly the same. They realised they were running out of serial numbers and changed the decal. Simple as. They didn't like, take out all their good machinery and replace it with #### machinery, which obviously would be pretty odd... I guess you're a sayer, not a player anyway.
  11. Try telling me you wouldn't do the same to get as much money as you could Probably true, but there are ways of wording it without making it sound like our "reissues" are somehow inferior.
  12. Way to make it even harder for us people with the new versions to sell them. That's right, make people think the old ones are somehow better...
  13. Just jam something in the trem cavity and use it as a hardtail if it starts pissing you off. That's what I do with mine occasionally.
  14. Mustang bridge doesn't have tuning problems, the Mustang tremolo has tuning problems, that's the bit that holds the strings in. The bridge itself is the bit that the strings roll over, it doesn't affect tuning at all.
  15. You're probably just using the bridge and neck pickups right? Well if you swap one of the pickups for the original middle pickup (or any Strat middle pickup) that's reverse wound, it should cancel the hum. I think.
  16. This is the Dick Dale Strat: I swear I recognise that one too, I just can't remember where.
  17. So, if there's a SLIGHT more bassiness in basswood (what a coincidence), you could just like quarter turn the bass knob and suddenly it sounds totally different. Wow, such a difference.
  18. It seems pretty simple to me. Just set the neck pickup to use the roller pots and have it's own jack, then set the bridge pickup to use the normal knobs and use the existing jack. Then make the switches to stuff. The rhythm switch could act as a neck pickup on/off switch, and one of the three other switches could do the same for bridge pickup. Then you have two spare switches to do stuff with.
  19. (2) I hate too Funeral Wood , Exessive bassy , no Bright no sustain Even Mahogany have more Bright Somme People say Steve vai Like , bull#### Steve vai seccound line Jems use bass#### , first line White one use Alder , Evo is alder maded No more basswood in my Garden Hold on, you're not seriously saying basswood is bassy are you? Because of the name? It's called basswood because the bark inside it is called "bast", not because for some reason it can reverberate lower frequency notes better. I still find it odd how you can care so much about the wood in your guitar when you're playing with fat podgy fingers that surely are more bassy, and because you're tanned and I'm not, I guess you have a darker tone?
  20. amoust samme price First thing you need change pickups on normal jag-stang , if you have luck you get an gotoh klusons else chinese ping
  21. There are basswood Mustangs from the '60s that haven't disintegrated. Go figure.
  22. You can normally make a pickup make a noise by rubbing the strings against it or something. Basically, if it works you'll know about it. If it's accidentally out of phase, you'll have to wait until you've strung it up to notice, but if you follow the diagrams it should all be fine.
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