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  1. heh people already said most of the things you needed in before my reply, so theres no point in writing other stuff. yeah p90s are very different than the jazzmaster pickups but most of the time people think that theyre the same cause they look similar. the 'f' neckplates are the real ####. get it now! (i wanted one for a long time.)
  2. Hmm, yeah its kinda unconfotable but i find the trem arm too low and that annoys me more.
  3. Ooooh the grunge pedal!!! I like the melvins sound, face down but all the way up. http://youtube.com/watch?v=1oyYFQYm5Nw
  4. http://elderly.com/fmic/items/FJMJM.htm here's some different shots. the finish looks weird in them but its one of those finished that look crap in some spaces and in some they look awesome.
  5. I like the looks, but thats just about everything. I dislike the option of larger frets, cij pickups and a cij trem. the bridge isnt too appealing to me. I'd love to get it and mod it to a tort pickguard, usa trem and better pickups.
  6. nice color! not much of a fan of the neck wood though....
  7. Anyone got it/played it? it seems to be fairly cheap and there's one close by. Thoughts on this?
  8. geez, you seem to me like the type of guys that started guitar because he thought it would make him look cool. well anyways where are you at?? you could order one over thomann but cause you never played one, you have to try it out. location location location, tell us that.
  9. i have not played one, but it sounds awesome from all the recordings, soundclips and videos that i heard it from. Definately go for it if you need some badass flange.
  10. nice shirt!!!!!! where'd you get it from????? If you ask me, humbuckers kinda kill offsets...
  11. it would be completely badass if there was a tort pickguard instead of the gold one. I'd buy it just for the looks if it had the tort pickguard. Its kind of a ripoff actually, I bet J replaced the pickups though!
  12. He used some humbucker equippped guitars so, you might try to replace those in althought I really dont see a point.
  13. It looks awesome. J claims that he's got over 20.
  14. Okay thanks. But what if they get so wobbly they fall off?
  15. Hey there, help me out here. The volume & tone controls from my cij are starting to wobble around and to move a lot. Now , its not the knobs itselves, its the pots. I removed the knobs, the top part of the pot is moving, not a lot, but it is annoying. Help, do I need new pots?
  16. I think I can find some. Bad pictures but,
  17. Yeah, just do it according to a Jag wiring diagram and it will be fine.
  18. agreed. Doesn't lee use the other ones that came out just a little before the new russian ones? Theyre exactly like the new ones only they look more like the old green ones.
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