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  1. it's that little bit rarer now. He's done owners of vintage jags a favour in a way
  2. yes but they're not gibson bridges. I bought a normal gibson spaced humbucker pup for the bridge and the pole pieces are now mis-aligned from the strings. Q.E.D, as they say.
  3. There was a thread about these a while ago, as I recall, and it lead to a big argument about sustain and the effect different bridge materials might have and blah blah blah. Dunno if anyone ended up coming back and saying whether they were any good or not though. Like you say, for 20 sniffs worth a look anyway.
  4. Jag specials are 'F'-spaced so different from gibsons. Not sure what exact measurements are tho - google? The covers on my HH jag had massive blobs of solder holding them onto the bottom of the pickups, so required a bit of patient soldering-iron-action to separate. BTW, Make sure you don't use brasso on any of the chrome - it'll wear through the plating.
  5. I love it when people put stuff like that in their descriptions on ebay - "This guitar doesn't have a truss rod. You could have that changed by a tech or luthier. And there are no frets, or pickups. And the fretboard hasn't actually been made yet..." As if to say - "it's really straightforward, I just haven't quite got around to it yet..."
  6. *crawls sheepishly back into hole*
  7. Go acoustic.............. but srsly, is it a problem? I'd go for the first option first, or try and live with a few less pedals BTW - is the phase 90 > Small Stone ? I've brought the small stone back to life and use it every now and then, but playing live that tiny volume drop is a bit of a bugger
  8. every guitar I've owned buzzes a bit when you're not touching any of the metal parts, especially with higher gain or whatever. Can't say I've noticed it particularly on my HH jag (which doesn't hum at all if you've got your hand on the strings) but strange if you find it's happening more than on your other guitars. Double check that all the wires are well soldered onto the vol and tone pots. If it goes away when you touch any metal part I fail to see how it's a earthing/grounding issue though. No it doesn't - 4 wire pickups just allow to muck around with the circuit more easily than 2 wire - a 2 wire pickup still has the other 2 wires like a 4 wire, they're just locked up inside the pickup where you can't play with them. If that makes sense...
  9. On a related point, this REVIEW elsewhere on this site is pretty interesting if you want to get the best out of a jag for surf or jazz
  10. BTW - isn't a bit pathetically attention-seeking to post a picture of a guitar, saying you just got home and found as if it was some fantastic christmas present, and then say, "Oh sorry, I was lying. I'd relly like one tho."? In case you were wondering, this sort of thing is the reason half the people on the forum give you a hard time
  11. I'm sure grime has already been taken. And I've been playing s h i t music for a long time so you can't have that either
  12. In that case I'm sure we'd all happily put in some money to buy it for you
  13. Nice, what do you think of it? I had a cry baby for ages and thought it had a pretty narrow tonal range, then after about a year I played it through a better speaker cab and it sounded ten times better. Developed a bit of a crackle after a while but generally a pretty solid pedal
  14. I say go for .11's. You get more 3rd order harmonics from thicker strings.... or something. Really the bridge shouldn't need altering if you go up a gauge, it will make a teeny difference to the intonation I guess but not much. The thing you should lookout for is that the truss rod might need adjusting to compensate for the extra tension from thicker strings. Again, you can probably get away without doing anything but I tightened mine slightly when switching from the stock strings (0.9's for chrissake!) to .11s. There are instructions on how to do it knocking around somewhere if you're not sure - google it. One other point is, if you do alter the height of the bridge you'll throw the intonation out by a small degree. And the other thing is, if the string height (action) was lowered when the guitar was setup the strings will feel lighter cos it's easier to play, so they might still be .11s anyway.
  15. 'strue. I put a gibson-spaced pup in mine and it's slightly out of alignment. I believe that is why my interpretation of the classic Steely Dan "Reelin' in the Years" guitar solo doesn't sound exactly right
  16. That, my friend, is an ugly guitar. Oh yes indeed.
  17. I like the look of 'em, but are danelectros actually any good to play? I've never had the opportunity to try myself
  18. any day of the week. I like the maple, and I don't like the candy red. And 1978 = more kudos / sought after than 1996, CBS and all.
  19. I've played one of those vox amps with all the stupid effects built in. All i wanted was a clean sound and it didn't seem to be an option.
  20. Robert, as a luthier you may well be a genius, but as a photographer ........... I'm not so sure
  21. Apple are bringing out a guitar that's also a phone and an ipod and a car
  22. Is that what all those "You don't know much about antigua..blah blah" signatures are about? Theres a few folk on shortscale.org with them
  23. I used to know a couple of studded-leather-jacket-type punks, who would tell you the Sex Pistols weren't really punk. Always confused me a bit. Like saying chimpanzees aren't monkeys - what's all that about? THEY'RE THE ORIGINAL MONKEYS FOR GOD'S SAKE. Otherwise they wouldn't have used them for PG Tips "the one the monkeys drink" tea adverts would they? Of course not. Those ad-men know their stuff
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