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  1. veryape posted this reply after the board got spammed by a load of girls-eating-#### porn - all the pics got taken down pretty quick so it doesn't make a lot of sense now, but he wasn't talking about the settings you recommended...
  2. oh man that looks great. I thought it looked good in white before but I think you made the right choice, the red is really nice. BTW, don't be surprised if this thread moves to the "DIY" section.
  3. Jeeeesus what a fussy tech! I can't believe he doesn't want to route a couple of cubic inches of wood off a guitar cos it'll affect the tone... tell him you'll glue your dinner table onto the headstock to compensate I think you should ignore him and get it routed, as planned.
  4. Last band practice I had was on a hot day and after 4 hours of sweaty strumming I had a bit of a sore forearm from friction burns and my jag was caked in sweat, but doesn't that happen with any guitar? Gibsons are worse I reckon because they aren't contoured, so the edge of the body digs into you all over the place.
  5. Have you got the guitar yet? Being as it's a forgery, the sound + build quality will depend on the skill of the forger, but it's probably safe to assume it isn't going to be a particularly well-made instrument - sorry! Check the "jaguar fakes" bit at the bottom of this page http://www.fenderjaguar.net/reissue.htm for a bit of info if you haven't already seen it. You'll have to wait and see how good it is to know if it's worth replacing any bits and pieces
  6. I had a boss ME-50 for about 2 days (never heard of ME-20). It had good modulation effects but the reverb and overdrive were a bit crap so I took it back to the shop. The delay on it was good though
  7. I was using a dud AC adaptor and it made loads of noise through my 2 of my boss pedals, did nothing to my rat and completely fried my small stone. Check it isn't somehow related to your power supply, and try diferent cables and all that sort of stuff
  8. I'm afraid I can't answer your question but a similar thing happened with my HH jag when I put a new bridge pickup in and split the coils. Now when I have bridge + neck pups on the volume is lower than if I just use bridge OR neck (and this is using the bridge in humbucker mode, not as a single coil). With the stock setup both pickups at once were definitely not quieter than either/or. I removed the strangle switch capacitor but don't see how that would make any difference. It's a bit confusing, but not so serious it bothers me. Sorry I can't actually tell you anything useful!
  9. Like the article. I've never been a particular fan of the cyclone myself but having said that I've never actually played one. Think you're right - it's a combination of not having any big names that play them and the fact that they don't get a lot of square-footage in guitar shops. It's nuts when you think about it - I was in Sound Control in london (probably the biggest guitar shop I've ever been in) a couple of months ago and the ONLY fenders they had in their massive fender section, were strats and teles. Nothing else at all! They do usually at least have one jazzy or something, but nothing else. Are guitar buyers really so conservative that they don't want anything different? Or are the retailers just unwilling to get alternative models in? Who knows...
  10. yeah - sorry I killed your pedal! I'll see if it can be saved but I'm not optimistic Think I'll get one of these Daigo power supplies then. The website is well impressive but I never like to just take a company's word for it!
  11. Sounds like something shorting out somewhere. First thing I'd do is unscrew the 2 screws holding the bottom (lead circuit) selector switch plate, gently pull the plate back and see if any stray bare bits of wire are touching places they shouldn't. It can happen quite easily cos they're all jammed in pretty tightly there, so when you tuck everything in to screw the plate on, if there's any loose strands they can go anywhere and short your circuit. That's what I'd guess it is anyway
  12. Thanks, I had a look in Maplin but not much use - I didn't do a very good job of explaining myself to the guy in the shop and I don't really think he understood what I was after. Anyway, in tragic related news, I just killed my small stone phaser For reasons too complicated to explain, I was using a dodgy homemade-looking 9v power supply that the bass player gave me, with a brand new boss-type to electro harmonix adaptor stuck on it. Turned it on and the LED lit up, then flickered and faded out to nothing and the sound signal went pfffffffftttt.... Now after a bit of tinkering I can get it to phase intermittently, but not properly and if you turn the dial it cuts to just a low, un-phased signal. And the LED doesn't work. Basically I think I cooked some of the insides. I'm pretty sure this can't have been as simple as having the polarity the wrong way round, but must mean the adaptor is actually kicking out more than 9v. Can anyone confirm this? And can anyone tell me how to bring my phaser back to life?!! (i realize that's a bit of a long shot ) And has anyone ever used / heard of these Diago power supplies? I'm in need of a more reliable AC adaptor
  13. Single pickup looks great but I couldn't get on without a neck pup. Love the tailpiece / thru-body string setup
  14. Does anyone know a good UK-based shop / website that sells bits and pieces to go with 9volt power supplies? I need a couple of longer leads (2 foot or more) to go from a power bank and I can only find short ones. I can extend the shorter ones I spose but am a bit lazy
  15. That is looking so cool! I think clay dots would've been good, just to be a bit different, but I've got a thing about clay dots...
  16. I haven't had a problem with humming from mine, but I wasn't too keen on the tone, especially of the bridge pup. I replaced it with a 4 wire seymour dunc so I can split the coils. Still don't love the sound tho. That said, I like the tone in the neck position and the rhythm circuit has a nice jazzy quality thru a good clean amp. to be honest my HH jag mainly lives in it's gig bag these days (it falls out of the stand ) - my squier strat is nicer to play and sounds better. Might sell the HH if I don't start using it again
  17. That is somehow much less garish. Maybe it's just that long hair looks a teeny bit better on her...
  18. err.. how heavy is THAT heavy??! You can pick it up and carry it around your house or whatever, yeah, but I made the mistake of carrying mine across london on public transport one day and it is not something I'm going to do again! Arms ached for about a week afterwards, mainly cos I had to walk about quarter of a mile to the bus stop. I had to put it down and rest every 3 minutes! The most annoying thing about carrying it is the weight is all on one side, so if you use the handle it's all lop-sided and awkward. Sticking castors under the cab makes life a lot easier. I'd be interested to know how it sounds through a 15" speaker. Frankly I'm amazed that that amp with a matching cab didn't go for silly money as it's rare to see them together. Let us know what they're like
  19. Now that's what I like to see, a good detailed description - and a pound coin in the pics for scale! Good work! You ought to message the guy with the bassman, it doesn't look like it sold does it.
  20. I had my strat done down Denmark Street last year but i can't for the life of me remember how much it cost. It was a lot more than 3 quid tho! Think it was something like 50 notes - to be honest could've been more than that. They did a good job but you know you aint going to get a bargain round there
  21. Wow, 400 quid seems like a good price if it's in decent nick. wonder what my girlfriend would say if I bought another one, hmmm.....
  22. I think the swinger isn't too bad - but jeeezus can you tell they were made in the 80's! I think icey is right - they might become oddity collector's pieces one day. People collect all kinds of weird stuff
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