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  1. when I said you need to tighten the truss rod if it's bent backwards, I was actually talking out of my arse. Wasn't thinking straight yesterday, ignore me take it to a tech
  2. I'm no neck or truss rod expert, but doesn't it sound like it could be that the truss rod's thread has sheared? If it's totally loose and won't tighten that's what I'd guess at. Either way it would need a pro to fix it. You know that if the neck's bent backwards you need to tighten the truss rod right? Sorry, i know that's a patronizing question
  3. That's an extra earth wire, so it goes to the earth connection either on the back of the 3 switches, or the back of the volume pot. Or anywhere else there is an earth connection. And I got the green + black the wrong way round in my other post. Double check it on the seymour duncan wiring site cos it's a while since I was poking around with the wiring
  4. Can't help with knobs, but I like the look of that jag!
  5. they will work together, the SD will be higher output so you'll probably want it lower than the standard bridge pickup was to balance both pups out. As for wiring, check out the seymour duncan website. If you just want to use it as a normal humbucker (which I'm guessing you do if you didn't expect more than 2 wires) you need to solder the white and red wires together, then tape round them and forget about them. The black goes to earth on the volume pot and the green goes to the switch (or is it the other way round?).
  6. You always have to pay extra for a case that has one latch missing and another one that's loose - it's a well known fact. ...but seriously, if you want a fender hard case for a jag or jazz in the UK it'll cost
  7. 2nd that, blocks and binding look great on that jazzy. Do you play on a lot of staircases or was that a one-off?
  8. I can sympathize with you a bit on this as I occasionally get a similar problem, but only occasionally. I use a rat pedal in some songs when rehearsing with my band and if the amp settings are too trebly it squeals at high volume. The only way to stop it is change the settings or switch the pedal off, and maybe importantly to you, it did it with my standard (waxed) jap pickup, and it still does it with the seymour duncan I replaced it with. I'm using humbuckers tho so it might be different for you, but be warned anyway. Have you tried playing with the pup height to see if that makes any difference? It probably won't but best to eliminate all the free options before spending cash!
  9. throw the mute in the bin and use your palm It's daft they didn't design it to butt right up to the bridge, I've got a rickenbacker bass that has a mute which suffers the same problem, it's about an inch infront of the bridge so goes out of tune, and is generally useless. I find it strange they don't sort these faults out, instead of producing brand new guitars with the same niggly design flaws they had 40 years ago, all in the name of 'authenticity'.
  10. I think he needs to buy a new router or something. Poor lad! He must have spent literally minutes on that.
  11. I've never refinished a guitar so feel free to ignore me, but I have done a bit of spraying on old scooters (untutored). I agree with you that starting with 400 grade sounds completely nuts - unless you've got a clear coat 3mm thick I'd imagine you'll just go straight through it! If I was doing it I would probably give it a rub with the finest paper I could get, then polish like buggery with some of this polishing compound they talk about. But the reranch people know what they're on about I guess. If you go with their advice you might want to do a few more coats of clear so you've got more to work with. You can always experiment a little bit on the parts where the scratchplate + control plates go. When I did the lacquer on my old lambretta I did about 4 light hazey coats, then one heavier "wet" coat at the end, and prayed it didn't run! Never tried rubbing down the lacquer
  12. 0.11's are what I use - pretty much gives you the same tension as 0.10's on a strat / other full scale.
  13. Thanks! And nope, it doesn't have anything except tone + vol controls! You struggle to get any overdrive as well, unless it's really turned up LOUD. Yeah, I do wish it had reverb.
  14. I've got an old bassman and think it's great. There's a lot of them about, but prices seem to be creeping up. My only gripe with it is the lack of reverb, tho I like the fact there ain't much to go wrong with it. Oh, and I've never heard a jazzy through it, only my squier strat and hh jag, which both sound great. It's just got a lovely clean tone.
  15. Gee Alyn, I hope that wasn't aimed at me cos that really isn't what I meant, or said. I liked a fair amount of Oasis's early stuff, but would never accuse them of being a Beatles rip-off, mainly because there are hardly any similarities. To me Oasis do some pleasant enough stuff, but it's generally not very interesting. I read something in the paper recently where a critic called Noel a "musical genius" and i was surprised that anybody whose living is listening to music could describe him as a genius (not that reading things in the paper is the be-all and end-all). I'd say he's more of a "musical workman" than "musical genius". And he's clearly a fool for not liking Fenders
  16. http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/guitar_index.htm Under "switches", then "slide".
  17. I remember someone talking about something like this before - I think the conclusion was it didn't make much difference sonically
  18. It's weird, a lot of people (including in the media) hail old Noel as a musical genius, but I really can't see where they're coming from. Oasis's music just seems samey to me
  19. My two pence worth is, mebbe put some diff pups in. How about P90's for a laff? Quite like the scratchplate, which i didn't expect to. Don't go straight back to stock, my stock neck pup sounds nice but the bridge is a bit *meh* Looks a nice axe anyhoo
  20. I 2nd that - it's had a bit too much done to it I think. Obviously any guitar that is 50 yrs old and has actually been played regularly will have needed a lot of stuff done to it over the years, but if I was buying a vintage I'd really want one that's been left in someone's granny's basement since Elvis joined the army.
  21. Funny, first thing I thought was I liked the darker guard on the KC better!
  22. why no jazzies? I don't know I'm much of a fan of 9.5 radius necks, the HH is that and I prefer the feel of my strat. There's not a massive difference, but the skinnier the better I say
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