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  1. Hello ryanstanley. I think it's a cool idea, but I've never seen it done. Did you just come up with it yourself? I am no expert with electronics but am sure it would be easy if you had the right kind of pot. This reminded me of a diagram I saw on seymourduncan.com, which let you vary the amount a humbucker is split, so you get all of one coil but can vary the output of the other. See the "spin-a-split" article about half way down this page: http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/techtips.shtml You could adapt this to do one pickup with varying amounts of the other, but that isn't exactly what you are after. Your idea must be possible, it would work like the stereo balance control on a stereo. I just aint got a clue what type of knob you would need!
  2. If you've got a japanese fender it will be metric but US use imperial measures (1/4 inch, 3/8 inch etc) so your metric hex keys won't quite fit. In the UK most decent mechanics / car spares shops will sell both metric and imperial, but that's maybe because we used imperial measurements until about 20 years ago. You would imagine guitar shops would have all the right sized stuff but a friend of mine recently bought a US strat in london and they couldn't give him a key that fit the bridge!
  3. Yeah, don't be too hard on the guy, we've all done dumb things in our time I'm sure. When I was 14 I bought a boss fz-2 without trying it out, and then discovered it's the worst pedal in the world. I think I got the fear when I walked into the shop and all the poodle haired muso's stared at me so I just pointed at it the first fuzz pedal I saw and said "Me want that" or something, then walked out with it, trembling. And I guess one of the drawbacks of internet shopping is you can't see the thing in front of you first, so it would be nice if the salespeople could be accomodating when you call back and say "this is totally not what i expected, can I send it back?" But a valuable lesson learnt - do some research first!
  4. It's fine for me, I pretty much always use it with overdrive which compresses it enough so there's no noticeable difference in output. I guess I should get a mains lead for it but I'm always tripping over the leads as it is.
  5. Re the one on the right - But seriously, I would like a nice 12 string to play with too. A mate of mine got a crumby les paul copy 12str, but it has such cheap machine heads on it you can't keep it in tune for more than 10 seconds. And the headstock is so heavy that it's constantly falling away from you while you play it. Pain in the jacksy.
  6. I had artistic ambitions when I was 14, but not much imagination so I copied the Stone Roses thing of flicking paint on everything. And I put some stickers on it. It's had a hard life that guitar - my main axe for 12 years! LIFE - I admire your eyebrow control, and ability to carry off a moustache!
  7. Ha! Yeah, it does have a lot of bottom end, but its not muddy, its got real clarity on the low notes. I've seen it described as 'glassy' and it kind of is. A beautiful clean tone, a bit like when you put brand new strings on and they're all zingy and bright. But it's a nightmare to take anywhere! It's the only valve amp I've owned but I've played through a few here and there. The bassman has my favourite clean tone. Unlucky with the Mesa! Hope you find yourself something decent to replace it
  8. Thanks man! I was lucky with the bass really, came into a bit of money and thought I might as well buy something cool instead of drinking it away! You can get those old Fender Bassman heads fairly cheap - I think I paid less than 200 quid for that one (about 8 years ago). Sometimes they go on the bay with daft reserves but don't think they sell for that much.
  9. Sound clip thru amp Sound clip DI Well I finally got round to doing coil split sound clips - links above to megaupload.com, which I eventually figured out how to use. Yes I'm slightly out of tune and the playing isn't very fancy but you can get the general idea Actual sound quality is lousy on both - blame my cheap laptop. Dunno where the interference is coming from. But anyway, the first one is thru my amp, bridge pickup as single coil, then humbucker, then back to single. Second clip same pup but DI'd, all the riffs are humbucker first then single coil. I wanna split the neck too but it's quite difficult to do and I might kill the stock pickup. Not really prepared to fork out for a new 4 wire pup, as the tone from that one is fine. How are you getting on with the new jag anyway Daevid?
  10. My stuff! Fender bassman 135 amp on a Randall 2x12 (re-covered with fender cloth), Ricky 4003 bass, Japanese squier strat (a quality instrument despite it's "budget" price tag), jag HH and my brother's baby Taylor acoustic. The pedals are boss digital reverb, fz-2 fuzz box (awful), OD-3 overdrive, a You Dirty Rat which gives me a lot of grief cos it cuts out unexpectedly in the middle of gigs, and Mr jellybelly's old small stone phaser, which I haven't got bored of yet. I never use the fz-2, and the reverb stays in its box a lot because it's the only one that can't live on batteries so pisses me off. The great thing about the bassman is the independent bass and guitar channels so it sounds great for both and is good for jamming with mates. and it's the loudest thing on earth. I am also a big fan of it not having a million different settings to mess about with. I've had the rickenbacker for about 2 years and never get bored of looking at it. To me those basses are the best looking instruments in the world. Way cooler design than any of their 6 strings. But between you and me, the build quality doesn't quite live up to the hefty price tag.
  11. I think there was a post about draining capacitors on shortscale.org a while ago - at least I think that's where I saw it. Worth doing a bit of research first eh! If you buy the part yourself it may well be cheaper, even if you get someone else to put it in for you. I did that when the clutch in my car went, saved me a fortune (not that we were talking about cars ).
  12. They have magnets and coils in them. The old ones didn't, and some people were unhappy that the "noiseless" pickups were literally producing no noise of any kind.* [*I just made this up]
  13. Those guitars are so cool, I love the look of them. They had an orange surfcaster in one the shops in London - Vintage and Rare guitars - and it was only 400 pounds or something (800USD). It was in there for months and I went in one day with the intention of buying it but it had gone
  14. That has a bound neck doesn't it? Wouldn't that make it a 66 not a 65? Not much difference I know, but either they got the year wrong or it's the wrong neck. Or I might be talking out of my arse - someone who's more of an expert may want to correct me
  15. Exacta-mundo. Good plan, I like the sound of it. Sticking a cut-off screw in the spare hole is an interesting idea as well, hadn't thought of that. TBH the hole is partially covered by the pickup ring anyway so it hardly shows, and doesn't bother me at all!
  16. pedro what amp do you use? Post a list of your gear in the "My Rig" thread, i'm quite intrigued! I've never actually played a tube amp...is that wrong? WRONG WRONG WRONG! No seriously, you should try it. It's pretty amazing how much of a difference it makes - all the talk of pickups and bridge saddles + string gauges effecting tone is a drop in the ocean compared to a real sweet valve tone - seriously. I've got a late 70's Fender bassman 135. Maybe I'll do a list in "your rig", it'll be a short one tho I think
  17. $125 aint that mental - I bought an SD from the US and didn't get charged for import duty, but I'll wait til someone else tries and tests them thanks! Well i didn't realise I was missing out on with magnets, clearly!
  18. Daevid - that's an interesting schematic, I didn't think that would work. don't see why you couldn't adapt it to work on HH. You could either use the strangle switch (if you decide you aint interested in strangling!) or both pots. Just cos those pots are for the lead circuit doesn't mean anything in this case, as you're using the switches independent of the vol + tone controls. Again, I'm just saying this off the top of my head tho, will have to check. Thanks for the link - I'll put soundclip up at weekend. And i don't look at the "your rig" thing, makes me wanna buy more stuff! Mr Arkadin - I just bought a regular jag pickguard and hack-sawed and filed the pickup holes out. It's a bit rough round the edges (but the pickup rings hide that), and there's an extra screw hole above the neck pup but it does the job and looks ok.
  19. I don't go for heavy styles myself, a nice tube amp and some light overdrive is pretty much what I go for. And my new phaser! I think Doog hit the nail on the head, maybe a lot of the youtubers are teenage-angsty types. I know I had fantastic taste in music as a teenager but not everyone does.... And it wasn't a stupid question - i think some of the guys are suffering PMT or something
  20. Ha! That's what GAS does for ya! How are you coping with only 2 guitars now? I recorded soundclip as an mp3 but don't know where to post it so you can all listen to my crap playing - any suggestions? As far as positioning goes, good point. I went for a compromize really and used the coil furthest from the bridge. Reason being that when you split the coil there's a drop in output anyway, and with the signal being weaker towards the bridge I wanted to compensate a bit. To be honest it means the tone is a bit neither here nor there so I might change it and see if I can live with a slightly bigger drop in output.
  21. Welcome fella. Did you spell your name wrong or are you Cornish?! I've got an HH and put a SD stag mag in the bridge position, using the strangle switch to split it. I like it, but can't say whether it's any better or worse than other pups for splitting cos it's the only one I've tried. As single coil, I've compared it to my strat and it really sounds completely different, but there's a lot of variables so thats not surprising. Want to do the same for neck but not got round to it. I would have to use a push-pull pot for that (can't send both pickups to the same switch) but haven't sat down to work out wiring yet - it should be possible to do what you want using 2 push/pull pots. That wouldn't interfere with the other switches or anything. If you have a clue about wiring i don't think it would be that difficult. I'll try and draw some diagrams tonight if I get a chance - it's about time I did mine anyway
  22. Call me stupid but I've never seen an acoustic with a trem - is that do-able?
  23. A muff and a rat? They're kinda similar I thought. Why do you need gain after the muff? And how are you getting on with the jazzy trem?!
  24. Funny looking. So they're basically just made with a different type of magnet right? Well, don't knock til you've tried it I guess. I wonder why no-one else uses neo-whatever it is in pickups. According to wikipedia it's used as a magnet for headphones, speakers and such like.
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