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  1. About 500 dollars, give or take a few. Agreed, pickguard looks weird. In fact the whole thing looks weird. Fair play to fender for trying something different though.
  2. I was just thinking exactly the same thing!
  3. I was just day-dreaming really, I don't believe for a minute they'd send a AV jag instead, and if I tried to argue they would just tell me to fukc off, and they'd be well within their rights The reason I was looking on dolphin was cos I saw this on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FENDER-JAZZMASTER-1966-RE-ISSUE-Electric-Guitar_W0QQitemZ230095261004QQihZ013QQcategoryZ33039QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem and thought it was a bit optimistic for the bloke to want over 500 quid for a 12 yr old MIJ jag, when you can get them brand new for less! Or are mid nineties MIJ meant to be better than the ones about now?
  4. I don't get paid til next week but maybe I'll give it a go then - as Bob says I could just demand a refund if it's not the "one on the website". Not that I'd mind having a CIJ jazzy anyway...
  5. Yeah, you know they're just being lazy and using the same description for jap and US models though - the genuine American ones (with the thousand pound price tag) are called "Fender American Vintage" instead of just "Fender 62 Jazzmaster". That's bloody careless though - I might ring up and say I want the one for
  6. I was just browsing dolphin music uk and came across this: http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/page/shop/flypage/product_id/10813 Now, is it just my imagination or are they describing a US Jazzmaster, with a picture of a US Jazzmaster, for sale at 499 pounds? Careless. I wonder if they're legally bound to sell the described item?
  7. I can't tel you much as am a bit of a novice with acoustics, but I've got my brother's Baby Taylor 301 at the moment. It's a beautifully built instrument, absolutely perfectly finished all over, and it sounds great when finger picking it, but it really sounds toss if you strum it. Methinks it's because of the teeny body. I guess you're not going for a 3 quarter size anyway, but just in case it crossed your mind!
  8. I asked about hard cases in general a while ago - here's a link to that thread, which links to a few other threads which cover mostly everything case related http://www.jag-stang.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14680&highlight=case Popular question evidentally - nice guitar by the way
  9. I'd be surprised if it makes that much difference to the sound, to the ears of most mere mortals. (speaking as someone who doesn't own a nitro finished guitar, but likes to poke his nose in all the same) It's a bit like that whole "different woods sound different" debate - there's probably a fair number of people who can't easily tell the difference but there's going to some that can. And I guess the same is true with the finish - perhaps 0.01% of guitarists can hear a difference and if they want to be fussy about it good luck to them. I know nitro looks a helluva lot better to my eye anyhow. And what kind of dimwit would try, and buy, an electric guitar but not plug it in til he got home?? Next time you see him coming give him something with no pickups in it
  10. Ha! Like anyone is going to bid on a guitar with no top E string...
  11. Niiiiiiiiiiice. That looks well sweet, don't think chrome knobs would add anything, it looks pretty damn fine as it is!
  12. Don't apologize, I wasn't expecting a battery to be in there anyway!
  13. So I got myself a Small Stone phaser (US version, thanks Danny ), and plugged it in to see about this alledged volume drop. And I have to say I was devastated. It was a massive drop in output when I engaged the pedal, and the phasing was pretty subtle to say the least. In fact, you only notice any effect (other than less vol) when the dial is past 2 o'clock. I was just kicking myself for not trying before buying, when a brainwave struck me. I put a new battery in. What a f****ing great phaser! What volume drop?? Great range from big sweeping effect to funky faux-tremolo, and the colour switch gives it a nice bit of depth. Sweeeeeeet Glad I went for it over the MXR, tho my girlf would have preferred orange (to match the table lamp!) Just be sure to have a well charged batt in it
  14. ooh, freaky. jellybelly and death to lowE buzz are the same person. Never been photographed together *FACT*
  15. Good luck! 600 Australian dollars = 240 quid = 460 American dollars
  16. I dunno, I always think acoustics with fender headstocks look weird. Like frankenstein.
  17. Right, well it turns out everything I said before is actually a load of rubbish. I thought I'd got it wired the way described but on taking the switch off last night found I was wrong! When I did it originally it was quite late at night Just fixed it so the strangle switch flips from parallel to single coil, and parallel doesn't have higher output at all. And doesn't hum either. Both parallel and single coil are lower output than series humbucker, but not a massive amount. In single it doesn't quite have the quack of a strat bridge pup (partly cos I wired it to use the coil furthest from bridge, to compensate for drop in volume) but still nice for a bit of variety.
  18. I dunno how far 600 Aussie dollars will get you, but if you're getting a brand new amp I would guess that a fender blues junior + pedal might be a bit outside your budget. Blues Jr = 300 pounds-ish. What is the second hand market like there? You might be better off looking for a used valve amp. Otherwise the Fender frontman is a pretty decent solid state amp, but not very powerful. It depends what you want it for really - gigs or bedroom practice, or a bit of both? And muff = Big muff, type of "distortion" pedal that's halfway between fuzz and overdrive. Nice and meaty crunch, but keeps definition when playing chords etc. Rat pedals are similar sort of thing too, and well worth checking out.
  19. Hmm, I've got a little 30 second MP3 demo of how it sounds, but being a bit of a techno-phobe dumb ass I don't know what to do with it so I can link to it, as it's just sitting in my girlf's laptop at the moment. Where do people usually put their soundclips? Anyhoo, in answer to your question, in parallel there is a bit of noise. More than series, but still less than single coils. So it's kind of a half-way house. The sound is very difficult to tell from standard single coil (I'm comparing it to my Jap squire strat here). If anyone can tell me how to post sound clips it'll be easier! I can't recommend any particular pickup cos I'm still new to humbuckers! Depends what style you want really. I've got a seymour duncan stagmag cos they're meant to sound more like single coils when split (so the blurb says). Compared to the original dragster pup, I'd say it's got a slightly richer mellower tone in series mode. I've never split any other pickups tho so nothing to compare that aspect with! The seymour D website is pretty useful The wiring isn't complex but it is fiddly so if you're not confident with a soldering iron might be a difficult job! Your covers rattle? That's weird, mine are wedged on good and tight, with a dollop of solder on the bottom.
  20. I didn't put a battery in, just a different pickup so it's still passive electronics. First tried it as a straight coil tap but found the drop in output too much, so wired it as a series / parallel switch instead. In parallel mode it has a fairly authentic single coil sound but higher output than just using one coil. I'll try and post some sound clips tonight or tomorrow if you're interested. I didn't get the wiring quite right so if I put it in parallel and try and engage the bridge pup as a humbucker as well there's some kind of semi-short circuit, which is actually kind of interesting! I don't think you'd be able to fit a battery anywhere without a bit of digging into the body, BTW.
  21. You don't have to know anything to start customizing cosmetically - I started mucking about with my strat and tins of paint when I was about 14, and over the years it got more and more, err, individual: As for scratchplates and necks, all you need is a screw driver and some common sense! and pickups are really incredibly easy to wire in as long as you've got a soldering iron and a bit of patience (or maybe a friend that does?!). At the end of the day though just see what you fancy, strats are great but there's a hell of a lot of other guitars to choose from!
  22. Thats true, they don't look very 'individual' cos they're so popular, and they;re popular cos they're so good i guess! They certainly are the easiest guitar to play I've ever used but I know some people can't get on with them. You could pick up a decent strat for not a lot of cash and then mod it up so it's more unique - hack bits off the scratchplate or splatter it with paint or whatever. And you can mess around with different pickups as well. That's the thing to do with any guitar if you really want to make it unique to you, in my opinion. Then there's always jaguars...
  23. Yeah, and look where that approach got him! Maybe if he'd had more of an interest in switching resistors he wouldn't have taken all those damn sleeping pills. I've never owned a guitar with P90s so don't know how they behave, but I'm surprised they don't hum as much as the fender. It might be worth having a quick look under the scratch plate of the bullet to make sure there's no dodgy connections anywhere. Is all the hardware earthed properly etc? And do you play it with both pickups engaged at once? Cos that would make it easy to solve (just a case of identifying what polarity the existing pups are and getting a reversed strat one) (which I actually have no idea how to do, so maybe not that easy!).
  24. Haven't we had that argument already?! I was just playing my FZ-2 and although I think it's a load of crap, I do concede that there might be some type of music it would be good for. Not sure what, and it sure as hell isn't any style I play but still... Anyway, those amp modelling pedals - what's that all about then? Are they for DI ing? Cos surely if I put one into my solid state carlsbro combo, it aint gonna sound like a bassman. And if it does, what will it sound like if I put the bassman pedal into my bassman??? And if they are just for DI recording, surely boss are missing a trick, because if you're recording into your computer people will prob prefer software that does amp modelling, cos then you've got 50 different amps to choose from, and all that. Or am I completely missing the point?
  25. Haven't they stopped exporting stuff or something?
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