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  1. Right, thanks Doog. It's coming from the speaker, and i tried a different cab and it still hums, but if I take a line out of the line/recording socket into a mixer there is no hum. I don't know if that suggest that it's a powertube problem, I'll try and find somewhere to get it checked out if I can't find any obvious loose earth connections
  2. Hello folks. I've just bought a new 2 x 10 cab to sit my 1970-something fender bassman on (having been without speakers for 4 years or something) and the old thing HUMS like hell. The tone is lovely, I mean really really nice, but I'm having to crank it up to mask the hum (the hum is constant volume however the amp is set). This is clearly going to drive a wedge between me and the rest of the neighbourhood if I can't play at lower volumes , so what is it? I mean, should I replace all the tubes at once, or what? Please bear in mind that I'm a novice with these things and don't know a power tube from an output tube! All I know is there's 4 big fat ones, and 4 little thin ones with shielding over them, and that they all glow a warm orange but aren't mega bright. If I buy a full set do I need to get it re-biased, and is that something I should get done by a tech? Sorry if I'm being a dumb-ass, I have trawled through old threads looking for info and there's clearly a few people on here that know their stuff so I thought I'd ask! Thanks
  3. Hello people. I bought myself one of these new fangled CIJ HH jags recently and they only give you a floppy bag to put it in, which is alright if you're only taking it down the road but I like to have something a bit more solid, as I'm a clumsy git. So my question is, what does everyone do about hard cases for their japanese jags? As I understand it you only get a proper fender case with american models. I know you can get those hiscox cases but wondered if there were any alternatives - can you get them direct from fender or anything? Thanks (I'm probably being stupid but don't like the look of the hiscox cases- and the handle is at a funny angle! Maybe I should just get over it )
  4. Thanks for the tip, I see they've got it in stock at Amazon - I might buy a copy.
  5. Like it, looks nice! You might be right about a white surround tho. can I pick your brains about your humbucker? I've just ordered a new seymour D stagmag for the bridge and was planning on tapping with the low-cut switch the same way you have. Just wondered whether you find there's a big difference in output when you switch from bucker to single coil? And the is the wiring pretty straightforward? I looked at a couple of diagrams and thought it shouldn't be too much trouble, but I could be wrong!
  6. If it happens with string fretted and open I guess it can't be the nut. And if you've tried raising the action and it still happens with the string open it can't really be a high fret. Could it be the G-string resonating either behind the bridge or between nut and tuning pegs? My jag had an annoying faint squeal that decayed quickly but was noticeable when playing quick chord strikes or whatever. Turned out it was the top E ringing on between the bridge and string anchor. Easily sorted by wedging a teeny bit of tape or whatever in right at the ball end of the string to damp it. Try sticking tape over the strings at both ends, behind nut and bridge, to damp them and see if it makes any difference. Good luck!
  7. In the flesh they look pretty much like the fender pics. I guess the flash used for ordinary punters' pictures reflects off the metallic finish making it look more silver, but it's really quite blue in normal light. Not a million miles from that sonic blue pic you've got, just a bit more metallic!
  8. Hmm, that looks a bit like the ice blue metallic don't you think? Can't seem to paste pic but go to http://www.fender.co.uk/products/search ... 100900883# My local shop had one of these a few months ago, it looked great.
  9. I don't know that the strings would make a noticeable difference unless they're old - easy way to find out though! Might be an obvious suggestion but have you tried adjusting your amp a bit? I hadn't really noticed any middle lacking from my HH, but it's taken a bit of fiddling to get a sound I like out of the rhythm circuit. You're right though, the pick ups are somewhere between humbuckers and single coils, bit weird but at least they're quite unique! And if you decide you don't like them at all, save up and stick a couple of Seymour D SH3 stag mags in - http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/humbuckers.shtml and then you can split the coils and have 2 quality humbuckers or 2 proper single coils at the flick of a switch! Perfect.
  10. I love the idea of putting 4 pickups in! And I have to kind of agree about the HH, I've had mine 3 weeks now, gigged once and had a couple of loud practices, and I can't see myself using the rhythm circuit as it stands. Echelon is right, it's got no brightness to it at all and just sounds like the treble on the amp is off. I quite like the lead circuit - but found exactly the same thing with the strangle switch, it's a waste of space! The pups don't really sound like humbuckers unless you've got both on but I think on their own they have a decent tone (I'm playing through a 70's bassman, though it sounded great thru an Orange in rehearsals, and then ear-splittingly sharp through a borrowed twin for the gig. Odd). The thing is, it just doesn't seem very versatile in terms of tone - which jags are supposed to be famous for! (Well, with single coils). At the moment I can get a better range from my strat just switching from bridge to neck. Echelon's idea is really interesting, though I might go for a hotrail+jagAV in neck and just leave the dragster in the bridge to start with. Or do I mean the other way round.... Either way, it won't be for a while. Maybe persevering with the stock setup will work out, but at the moment I doubt it.
  11. So echelon, did you get anywhere with this? Also, what did Elias78 do I can't find the thread. I'm asking cos I bought an HH a few weeks ago and am thinking about modding it a bit. To me, the rhythm circuit sounds a bit too muddy compared to the lead (I know they're MEANT to be that way but...) so I don't know what would be best. Maybe a 1meg pot on the tone? But then that would just be the same as the lead circuit wouldn't it. I'm a bit new to this modifying lark, so would it be feasible to put a humbucker in the bridge position that I can switch to be single coil thru the rhythm circ? Forgive my ignorance. Great site by the way. I didn't know the first thing about jags 2 months ago and I feel like a bit of an expert now I've read all this!
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