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  1. Well, I'm considering getting a Cyclone II, as there's one for sale at a shop near me for about $1100 AU. Anyway, I want to get surf/noise/post punk sounds out of it. Keep in mind I now have a standard strat. My ideal guitar would be a Jag, but it's going on three times the price of the Cyclone II, and I was wondering if it would be a good choice?
  2. I'm using flatwound 10s now, actually. Bought them at the same time as the guitar to replace the stock 9s. It's just the sound of the Jag that I'm after. The whole twangy surf thing tone. I thought pickups would be the best way to achieve this, but perhaps not?
  3. Well, I've had my boring standard Strat for a while now. The thing is, it's not really the sound I'm after. I play a lot of surf music, and it just sounds a bit... Well... Yeah. Anyway, as I'm only 15 and not exactly loaded, I was wondering if it would be plausible/worth it to put (probably Jap) Jag pickups in my Strat. I remember reading somewhere that I'd need to modify covers or something, 'cos they're different?
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