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  1. I have two lace sensor pickups I want to install into my mustang, but I have no idea what the wiring situation is. I have installed regular single coils, with two cables, and humbuckers, with 5 cables... But these pickups have three cables (orange, green, and white) The closest thing I could find to a diagram was this: There is a green cable coming out of the pickup, but this diagram doesn't show that. Also, what about the green and orange cables that are crossing the switch, why are they orange and green? I already have the pickup selector setup, I simply need to attach the pickups.
  2. My brother gave me his mustang which he never uses, and the first thing I did was open it up to tighten the volume and tone pot and to fix one of the slide switches. But there were two things that were strange to me. First, the tremolo bar didn't move much, so I took out the tailpiece to check it out and found two wood pieces holding the tremolo bars in place. I guess maybe this would be good to keep the guitar from going out of tune, but the tremolo is basically not functional. I'm think of buying the springs that are supposed to go there. (Hardware store? or Music Store?) Secondly, It
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