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  1. Coolguy if you want buy one, I suggest you buy one from ishibashi. It's cheap and you get insurance. web-shop@ishibashi.co.jp I bought this baby from them I had to pay ishibashi 507 euro ( guitar + transportation and insurance ) and then i had to pay 141 euro to ABX logistics ( belgian mail service ) Helsinkirocks, I don't really know how much it will cost to have it shipped to vinton, ohio You could send them a mail and ask about the mustang you want. They are very kind and polite. I highly recommend them.
  2. Here is an excellent setup guide, everything you need to know should be there. http://www.jag-stang.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14552
  3. It sounds like your tail piece ( the thingy that looks like a cigar tube ) is screwed all the way down to the bridge plate. That way there is no space between the cigar tube and the bridge plate. I think that's the cause of your string beeing "jammed". Try raising the cigar tube. you could do this by turning the 2 hex-screws on the cigar tube ( the two smallest holes ) counter-clockwise i think.
  4. hehehe I have unleashed a discussion bah I hate hangovers
  5. You have to e-mail them, just ask them about a MG73-85CO OLB e-mail: web-shop@ishibashi.co.jp
  6. Thats a good price. A used one from 95ish went for around that price on Ebay Germany a few months ago. Shame about customs costs....seems like sometimes they make you pay sometimes they don't. I gotta get a Jap brother for my 69 LPB - something I can mod! May have to get on to Ishibashi. Do you know if Fender Japan are still making new LPB comp stangs with matching headstocks, or did Ishibashi source you a used one? It's a new one. I highly recommend ishibashi, they are very fast and great service. Serial is so73241 ( 2006-2007 )
  7. Guitar + shipping was about 507 euro's. I had to pay another 141 euro's import duties. I had it shipped to Belgium.
  8. Sweet ! Nice grain. I think the block inlays are pretty neat.
  9. And I'm superhappy with it !! I bought a Japanese stang from Ishibashi webshop. They are really fast, great service and very clich
  10. Hi all, Has anybody ordered from this website ? http://craftedinjapan.co.uk/photo_767701.html Does anybody know other good websites where they sell comp mustangs and isn't written in japanese ? thx.
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