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  1. My mate has one, it's pretty solid and easy to use.
  2. Sonic Youth and Stephen Malkmus use them (to name only a few) so they must be doing something right....
  3. My local Foxes are just like that, this one guy (who pretty much is Francis Rossi) was trying desperately to convince me to buy the Dweezil Zappa half stack last time I was in there, they also tried to sell a friend Baritone strings when he asked for 11's with a wound G I bought my Jaguar from there though, the salesman (Francis Rossi) was a bit of a choad, set me up with this little Marshall amp and said 'there, that's set nicely, should get you rockin!' he'd scooped the mids back to 3, with nearly full treble and bass
  4. Mad-Mike pretty much summed it up. Some bands without a bassist use a baritone (Sleater Kinney for example) to make up for it and a lot of bands use them for a heavier sound (ie Deftones).
  5. Or just plain common sense. Contrary to popular belief Sweetchuck, a baritone is not a bass or a standard guitar.
  6. I dunno if you could tune a baritone up to E, see if you can take it back is the only advice I can give.
  7. I really like the 6 string Dano '59 for the Sleater Kinney steez.
  8. Or turn the tone control half way
  9. Alternatively, realise you got the wrong guitar and get a Strat. But as Doog says, stock pickups aren't that much different.
  10. It looks like a slightly squashes piece of toast, the other one is cool though.
  11. Red Repeat maxes out at 600ms, more than a Memory Man, but not as much as a digital delay. I'd recommend a Boss DD-3 or DD-6 for Sigur Ros stuff, you get the sample function on the DD-6, and it has a reverse function for swell sounds too. I'm currently looking to sell mine at
  12. I think a lot of people over-estimate the difference between analog and digital delays, mainly the snobby twunts over at Harmony Central and TGP. The Memory Man sounds fantastic but so do most digital delays, and they're quieter too.
  13. Give us some idea as to how much delay you'd like, style of music etc etc then we can give you the best recommendation we can. The Boss DD-3 gets very good reviews if that floats your boat.
  14. The Line 6 is pretty good too as spaceghost said, for the looping, and the various simulations it does. The DMM simulation sounded good, but not all that accurate to my ears, however all the other simulations are great and really useable/tweakable.
  15. I can't recommend the Deluxe Memory Man highly enough, they're pretty expensive on the bay these days though.
  16. If that doesn't make you want one, I don't know what will.
  17. Your amp generally has a massive influence on your tone, whether it be good or bad. Solid State amps have less of an impact although they do have a less rounded attack than a tube amp.
  18. Go back and get your money back, or get him to modify one volume knob to a tone knob for free.
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