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  1. I own 1 of these that i bought about 6yrs ago or so. I bought it brand new on ebay from a seller in japan. At the time it was the only 1 listed on there. I have seen used ones pop up from time to time but this does seem to be a bit more rare to find. I think the most i ever saw was 2 listed at the same time that were new. I havent searched recently for them but when i was looking to buy they were few and far between
  2. Mine is 1 of the earlier 1s also. I will have to check out that dimarzio super II, my only experience with dimarzio is the breed pickup which i forgot is in 1 of my other guitars. Emgs in a jagstang huh? I have 1 emg equipped guitar but not the way i am going for in my jagstang. The sds i was looking at was either the sh-11 custom custom or the sh-14 custom 5
  3. Hey guys i havent been on here in quite some time. Im thinking about changing out my humbucker but not sure what would sound best in my jagstang. Ive been looking at sds because im most familiar with them cause i have them in several of my guitars. Just wondering what humbucker pickups you guys have put into your jagstangs and how they have sounded?
  4. It is a Mesa Mark IV with the Stiletto Cab
  5. There is a particular head and cab that I do like better than the Twin. I already have the cab I just need to sell the Twin so I can get the head. I can also get very close to the great clean sound of my Twin on the head I plan on purchasing. The Twin is the best amp I have owned, best clean tones ever. But the head and cab that I am going with is better suited for my playing style.
  6. It didnt sell so I relisted it if anyone is interested. http://cgi.ebay.com/Fender-Twin-Amp-100 ... 4151880a57
  7. I want to go with a head and cab instead of a combo amp. I need to sell it so I can buy a new head.
  8. I am selling my Fender Twin amp if anyone is interested. I would be willing to meet up if the buyer is fairly close and would want to meet halfway instead of shipping it. I live about 2 hours from Las Vegas, 3 hours from Phoenix and 4 hours from San Bernardino, CA. Here is the link. http://cgi.ebay.com/Fender-Twin-Amp-100 ... 4151574987
  9. The jazz is a good choice for the neck. As far as the bridge goes my 2 favs are the SH-5 Custom and the SH-11 Custom Custom. The SH-14 Custom 5 would be another way to go also, I havent tried the SH-14 but have heard good things about it. They are all similar pickups but with different magnets.
  10. I was in my local music store today and saw they had 1 of these in their display case. I was thinking about buying it but I wasnt sure what difference there is between the original and the nano? Is there much of a difference between the 2 besides the size?
  11. I just got a set of Sperzel tuners for my strat. The guy I bought them from had the regular 6inline that need to be drilled and he also had a new set of the 6 inline No Drill ones also, which cost about $10 more. idk if they would work for the mustang but you can check them out and see.
  12. yeah I would have my other effects off when I tuned.
  13. Ive read that tuner pedals should be first in the pedal chain. I was wondering where you guys put your tuner pedals in your chain? I just ordered a Korg Pitchblack tuner and since it has the dc out option I plan on using it to also power my chorus pedal. I only use a distortion and a chorus pedal. I was wondering if it would be alright to run the tuner at the end of my chain? So it would be distortion-chorus-tuner.
  14. lol. wow 12 patch cables? that would cost alot
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