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  1. oh, I#m sorry, I don't have a mic never had an urge to record someting strong enough to get one
  2. maybe it should be, but it is not here a cyclone is/was about 580
  3. fortunately i got mine i wanted a red-one, but there was about no one left avialable in germany, so i#ve got the blue cycloneII it's really great, i am very happy with this guitar, sounds marvellous to me i wasn't shure about the color at first though, but now i think it's quite cool i dont think i am going to change the bridge pickup to a umbucker any time soon, i am really happy with the guitar the way it is; idon't wanna miss the bridge jag-singlecoil
  4. how saaad BTW i didn't know you have censorship in this forum to prevent people from using those bad f-words
  5. OHH MYY GODD i was just looking for the cyclone picks on fender.com, buit there havent been any, then i had a look at wikipedia and there was written that cyclone I and II have been discontinued ################...... sorry a blue and a red cyclone have been ordered around november, so that i ouldhave a look at both of them to make a decision the blue one has arrived quite quickly, the red onehas not arrived yet i think i would rather like to have the red one, so what do you think, istheredcyclonestill to arrive or not? if not i would have to go for the blue one or search in ebay or somewhere, but they seem #### rare why is it disontinued, i think its an excellent guitar
  6. a good idea maybe but I decided that I'm gonna go for the Cy II if my longing for a grungy humbucker becomes overwhelming I will just have to think about puting a singlecoil-sized-humbucker in (after I found out how to do this, but I#m shure you can help me) or think about purchasing one more guitar
  7. really, you like the look of the cyclone better? for me its a bit the other way round always when i look at a cyclone it is screaming at me "wah, i would like to be a modded mustang, but i am not" while i think the look of the cyclone II seems more independent to me, more something on its own and i think it looks quite funny indeed, with the cool stripe and the pickups at such close quaters and i like the idea of the jag switches wich gives as well a feeling of independence cause you're not bound to some ####ty 5 way switch that narrows your opportunities. so yeah, i like the design of the cy2 much better but everyone should like what he likes or whatever thanks for your reply
  8. hey, thanks for your replies guys i really like this board by the way an i think a single coil sized humbucker would make the cy2 really awesome, although it would be a pity having an av jag pickup lying around another idea would be buying another, cheaper humbucker guitar when my money found its way back into my pocket and than changing the pickup to something really grungy and i don't know if a cyclone HH would be the right thing for me, i doubt it in fact in the last time i became more of a singlecoil guy; i like it better for playing clean and for making noises; the sound of singlecoils seems more open for developing an characteristic and interesting tone and especially those on the cyclone II seemed absolutely great for me, a bit bright, but that was just fine it's just that i sometimes feel an urge to burn down the house (figuratively) so, i think the cyclone II it is than, with the perspective of changing the bridge pickup to a singlecoil sized humbucker or the purchase of another grungier guitar
  9. hello So, this is my very first topic here an my question is, whether i should get a Cyclone or go for a Cyclone II. Since noone knows me here it might be the best just to introduce myself first. My name's christoph, I am 17 years old, live in Germany (so please excuse my english) and I play guitar for about 2 and a half year now. My playing is quite crappy i guess and my favorite guitars are the Mustang and the Jaguar and a couple of the post grunge guitars, that echo them. I hate les pauls and don't like strats as well. I like noisy kind of music and other weird stuff. this should be enough for now to come back to the topic: I wanna have a new guitar and since the mustang isn't sold at student guitar prices anymore i startet thinkig about a cyclone and the cyclone II seems quite great to me. I played it at a shop and i thought that the sound was really awesome, with lots of character. I like the switches and the stripe as well. The only thing I worry about a bit is that I might miss having a humbucker So a cyclone I would not have this problem and I like its cobainish sound, but I thougt that in comparison to the cyclone II the neck pickup was a bit poor, absolutley beaten by the american vintage jaguar singles. And it does not have the cool stripe (year, that means somthing to me). So if you are more expirienced with these two, just tell me would you think about them and which of them do you think is better for those purposes: strange guitar noises nice characterfull cleans grungy cobainish grunge rock or would you suggest another guitar for me? Indeed I have seen a mustang for 450
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