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  1. if I definetely cant find a coro II neck i'll consider buying a coro I neck. But i'm gunna have to somhow get inlays for it..but i think that'll be too expensive unless i attach stickers or something...but then again that'll probably look wierd..i dunno.
  2. Hey thanks. I was REALLY hoping to find a vintage original neck for it. Cheers
  3. hey are u sure thats his name? Because i'm trying to search for him but nothings coming up. Cheers
  4. hi, i'm looking for a fender coronado II NECK. i've been looking for a neck for my guitar for a long time so if anyone could give me some pointers on how to locate one on the net that would be great. I've been waiting on ebay for one for a long time but never seem to find one. ALso, I don't know how much to expect to pay so if anybody knows about that it would be really helpful also.
  5. wouldnt that be more expensive then just buying old parts? but i guess if the parts wouldnt fit then i might refinish it, how much does refinishing generally cost? I'm thinking maybe like a cream/vintage white colour
  6. I have a japanese 90's mustang and i'm kind of getting tired of the sonic blue and tortoise look. I'm thinking of buying a mustang body off ebay (an older one) in a natural finish or something and just transferring all the electronics and neck from my jap mustang on to it. (i'm thinking about buying an old neck for it too, but for now just the body) Will this work out? Also, i have like no experience with guitar electronics and connecting stuff so will i need a professional to do the transfering? how much does a 70's stang neck and body usually come up to on ebay? -thanks
  7. This is my stang and all i know is that its MIJ (sonic blue with tortoise pickguard) and its from 1995. Does anyone know if it is a reissue? and if it is, what year is it a reissue of? serial number is: U004605
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