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  1. I am interested in that question too, as I am planning on putting a jazzmaster tremolo on a Squier Jagmaster (which came with a strat type tremolo).
  2. $710 for this Rickenbacker? that's a steal!
  3. beautiful guitar.... the reliced red finish + this pickguard color = great combination.
  4. Great job indeed, it's going to look awesome! Did you also paint the headstock?
  5. Cool project... Do you have a lefty Mustang tailpiece/vibrato??
  6. Yes, that's just cashing up on Cobain's name... Obviously they got the color of the pickup switch cover wrong but other than that, it's still a nice guitar, especially if you can't afford a Univox. As a real tribute to Cobain, they could sell a lefty model (I am sure Cobain would have been thrilled if he had a lefty Univox). But there is a bunch of companies making these Mosrite copies. DiPinto is another one and they also make good guitars.
  7. Finally decided to go for a bastardized guitar... and I named it the Suprasonic Probably going to start with a jagmaster or a jaguar (if I can find a body not too pricey) and go from there. I did some mockups tonight... I haven't decided between metallic blue with white pickguard or olympic white and tortoise pickguard. Or maybe sparkle silver with a tortoise pickguard...
  8. I wonder who would buy this duo sonic... this "feather" finish is a real nightmare... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Squire-Duo-Sonic-Feathercaster-/270900561962?pt=Guitar&hash=item3f12ee882a#ht_500wt_1413
  9. Just make sure the neck is not warped, and that the electronic is not damaged (water damaged, etc..). Other than that, i agree that they're some nice looking guitars... I like the old Hagstrom too and the old Epiphone Willshire. If I ever put my hands on a lefty model from one of these brands...
  10. The dark lake placid blue with the stripes is SWEEEEET and they are releasing left handed models... If only they released them before xmas, it would have been perfect.
  11. So far, it just looks awesome.... great color, great combination with the pickguard, great shape, can't wait to see the finished guitar! (I also admire your patience, I would want the guitar to be ready in a couple of days haha) Which brand of paint did you use? or did you mixed/made it yourself?
  12. of all the pix, I like the 2nd one better... this surf green with this pickguard looks cool...
  13. $1300 for a MIM Jaguar? That's Fender cashing in on Cobain's name. If they wanted a real tribute to him, they could just make regular lefty jag and mustang models more available in the US. Fender USA sucks anyway, I am all for Fender Japan.
  14. my bad, I never noticed Robert Smith's Jazz had one like that...
  15. Looks great!! I am not a big fan of this particular buzz stop, but other than that, this Jazzmaster looks classy!
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