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  1. Yes, that's just cashing up on Cobain's name... Obviously they got the color of the pickup switch cover wrong but other than that, it's still a nice guitar, especially if you can't afford a Univox.

    As a real tribute to Cobain, they could sell a lefty model (I am sure Cobain would have been thrilled if he had a lefty Univox).

    But there is a bunch of companies making these Mosrite copies. DiPinto is another one and they also make good guitars.

  2. Finally decided to go for a bastardized guitar... and I named it the Suprasonic :rolleyes:

    Probably going to start with a jagmaster or a jaguar (if I can find a body not too pricey) and go from there.

    I did some mockups tonight... I haven't decided between metallic blue with white pickguard or olympic white and tortoise pickguard.

    Or maybe sparkle silver with a tortoise pickguard... :P


  3. Just make sure the neck is not warped, and that the electronic is not damaged (water damaged, etc..).

    Other than that, i agree that they're some nice looking guitars... I like the old Hagstrom too and the old Epiphone Willshire.

    If I ever put my hands on a lefty model from one of these brands... :twisted:

  4. I was browsing some old topics on this board last night (a lot of eye candy for sure) and it reminded me how much I love Squier Supersonics...

    However, being lefty and all, I know Squier never made lefty ones (never seen any homemade ones either), and that some lefties enjoyed them since played lefty, the shape kinda looks like a jaguar's.

    Anyway, I was pondering what would be the best way to start a lefty Supersonic project... Maybe a righty Squier Jagmaster would provide the basis for the body and I could just "shave" off some to have both cutaways on the same level (which would be the more difficult part of the process I think)...

    What do you guys think? Another option would be to have a supersonic body made somewhere, but I have never seen any guitar part stores selling SS bodies...

  5. guitarz.jpg

    from left to right, top to bottom:

    Hohner ST, my second guitar, served me well for years, bought it in 1987.

    Rogue Viola bass: good quality, decent sound.

    Danelectro Reissue: Good guitar, warm clean sound.

    Squier Strat: righty but set up for lefty, with an EMG pickup. I got it for free and butchered it a bit.

    Fender Telecaster (mex): with a SD pickup on the bridge position. Better quality than expected, sounds great.

    Fender Jaguar 66 Reissue (jap): great quality, great sound, put 2 SD pickups, a black pickguard, my main guitar.

    Fender Mustang 67 (U.S.): older than me, 2 SD pickups, just an awesome guitar

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