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  1. I was wondering how much a Mustang from 67 would be worth? It has a black refinish, the body has a lot of bumps, and there is 2 seymour duncan on it , but the original Fender pickups come with it. I think all the rest is original. Oh and it's a lefty too. The neck is very comfy and it plays very well. Thanks!
  2. yes, getting better and better i am sure you can't wait until you can make some noise with it
  3. isn't getting a new pickguard a better solution? cuz these pickup rings are VERY ugly, especially on a jag.
  4. That's what happens when you sell a guitar to some vintage store... The price goes from $1999 to $7500.
  5. looks pretty good! thanks for posting the pix.
  6. i have no answer to your question, my lefty jag came in a gig bag, and so far, it's enough for me... but feel free to post pix of your lefty jag
  7. Yes, I was very lucky to find one on the Hishibashi website (and it was a used one, and lefty too!)
  8. But the original JagStangggg are so much better. Kurt Cobain crafted them in Heaven. *runs and hides*
  9. I finally received the new black pickguard for it (2.5 months to get one custom made... fvck you, Chandler), and I happily played with it last night at my band's practice. Jaguar 66 Reissue, CIJ, Left-handed. Things that were done: new black/white/black pickguard, SD hotrail in the bridge position, SD quarter pound in the neck position, schaller strap locks. I wanted to buy chrome knobs, but then it would look like I am trying hard to make it look like a HH, when I just want a black Jag. Enjoy the pix
  10. I really like this finish, but I think I would like it better if the pickguard wasn't like that. I'd rather have it a plain color. Nice tho...
  11. hahaha $1999.99 as a starting bid??? sounds like he likes taking risks..
  12. yes, stripes on a sunburst finish, I am not sure it works well...
  13. ahhhhh sounds like such an ambitious project, that's insane It's fun to see the process step by step. Good luck, and keep us posted
  14. One other option that sounds silly but worth a try is to email Fender. http://www.fenderusa.com/store/info/contact.php You can also email Ishibashi in Japan, as they have guitar parts that they don't list on their website (and since they sell lefty jags...). You can email them in english at web-shop@ishibashi.co.jp Good luck
  15. Theory Of Ruin's Alex Newport (ex fudge tunnel/nailbomb)... now a happy record producer:
  16. Surprisingly I didn't have to pay any taxes on my jag... I wonder if it's because it's used... I don't think it would make a difference for the US custom tho. Maybe they're looking for me now. *hides*
  17. i bought my jag from them too in november, but it was a used lefty one... i only have good things to say about them...
  18. oh I am just a lurker, I haven't sign up for an account there yet. However, I saw you like Jesu, and I am a mod on the following board: http://www.avalanchers.co.uk/
  19. Kevin Shields (again!) Robert Smith (with a Fender Bass VI ! and a jazzmaster! and 3 tons of makeup)
  20. wait, isn't this Dave Mustaine guy the one who cries in the Metallica documentary because he spent his life running away from people screaming at him "metallicaaaaaaaaaa"
  21. very nice guitar.... sounds like the quality of the CIJ ones are improving, that's great. Your pix are a bit blurry tho (cf. your comment in the "show me your jag/jazz" thread)
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