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  1. keep it simple n classy one dogear in the bridge ive always loved that tone
  2. see that would happen if jazzmasters werent so #### SEXY! and i hav tried jazzmaster but they sound...hmm...how to put this...big? i guess too big. hopefully u kno wut im talking about and as for the jaguar, im rly not so crazy about the chrome, although i could get used to it.
  3. so if u read my other post, its about my new guitar and i really been thinkin bout getting a strat butt then JUST when i thnk about me getting a shiny new strat...i am CONSTANTLY reminded of the sexyness and just undenyable incrediblenss look of the jazmaster so it may sound like sacrelig....but is there any neck pickup i can put in a jazz to make it sound like a strat??? helpppp
  4. mighta been some sub octave pedal like a boss octave or maybe a POG or micro synth or a whammy pedal
  5. all of the above! but rly the most "creative" modding jobs
  6. hey guys, im pretty much a complete noob when it comes to modding/buildng guitars, and i was jsut wondering if you guys wanted to post pictures or talk about your favorite guitar mods
  7. haahaaa jamie lynn spears got he man spermed
  8. hahahha dinosaur your icon is ####in hilarious!!!
  9. better keep us posted on that one what pickups do u hav in mind?
  10. AHHH!! that thing is insane!!!! its liek a telemaster! good god! Wud u finish it in black? i think it wud look verryy sexy in maybe a fotoflame kind of color or even just a standard suburst either way, that thing is a BEASTT
  11. i think fru has a bad rep cuz of his 4 note solo stage, during that time i wanted to impale him i was actually dissapointed in his playing, but trust me, hes a new man, his solos and style are completely rebooted and back to normal
  12. it may not be the classic tele, but i mean '72 thinlines are actually quite orgasmic to be honest
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