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  1. I own both, a jagstang and a cyclone I. They are different. You should play them before you buy. The jagstang feels and sounds much more like a mustang than the cyclone. Cyclones neck is chunkier, the body is thicker and heavier than a mustang. I love both and don't know, which you should choose. Better you try...
  2. my car is an opel. and it's 37 years old. um exscsuse fvcking me. . i didnt say that. . think u better learn how to use the quote coding correctly. mcpedo said that. not me excuse me, i will do it better next time
  3. Classic Vibe rocks! I have a Duosonic and a Jazzbass - and would like to have a tele, too
  4. Just want Racing Stripes on my Stang. Does anyone know the exact measures of the Stripes?
  5. Thanks at all. My 1996 jagstang has a JB, that's right. The duo is a new classic vibe squier. Very cool guitar! Think it has fender-quality! The strat is a USA made from 1991 and the cyclone is mexican made. I picked it up last year in mint condition. I don't know, which one i love more
  6. But looking at those guitars, there's variation between humbucker and singlecoil pickups, and all bar the Jag have buckers in the bridge, so selling all bar the Jag, which has two singles, and replacing the others with a Jazz or Tele, which, asuming up mean standard, both have two singles, would only be restricting his tonal range surely? Admitedly he'd probably look cooler, but what's the point if it don't sound how he wants? That's exactly what i think. If you ever played a good adjusted Jagstang with a hot humbucker, you would not say sell this guitar. I don't know the other two guitars and so i wouldn't say anything about them. Ok, a tele is a very good deal, but i also would never sell my strat to buy a tele.
  7. Wow, cool stuff, cool guitars and a cool applesticker on the jaguar
  8. Cool Stuff. What's that jaguar-like with stratpus guitar?
  9. You're right. I don't know, why there are so many different wirings or percipiences
  10. Mine was wired like this (original wiring): Out of phase was in this position: Neck x-- Bridge --x and Neck x-- Bridge x-- Means: When the neck-switch was x-- it was always out of phase. Now i had replaced the humbucker and i can split the new humbucker. So my new wiring is different...
  11. Oh dude, your a pitful guy. This jagstang ist definitely VERY nice.
  12. Very cute setup! I love my Jagstang, but i never played a Mustang or a Jaguar. Witch one is your favorite?
  13. Fender USA Standard Stratocaster (1991) Fender Jag-Stang with Seymour Duncan JB (1996) Yamaha SG200 (1985) Dunlop Crybaby EHX BigMuff EHX Small Stone Ibanez LF7 Lo-Fi Ibanez LS10 Dual Loop Selector Marshall JTM45 Orange 4x12"
  14. Thanks a lot. I like it, too. It had taken years to bring that stuff together. Here yet a foto of the serial:
  15. Mine is a sonic blue 1996 # U027757 Last foto: With my USA Standard Strat. Last week my Jagstang has got a new Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck Humbucker. It sounds great! The switches allows now 7 sounds: Singlecoil, Humbucker, Humbucker as Singlecoil, SC&HB, SC&SC, SC&HB out of phase and SC&SC out of phase.
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