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  1. You won't regret it! Try setting drastically different delay times then switch between the two
  2. Tried it, very lo-fi and dirty, not as good as a DM-2 that's for sure. Plus the two delay time thing isn't really all that helpful when they share the other two controls. I've got the new Analogman ARDX20 analogue delay, which is much, much better. For that sort of price, though, the MXR Carbon Copy is much better...
  3. There's an interview with Oceansize in the current issue of Guitar Buyer magazine, including pics of their pedalboards and conformed lists of pedals. I was also at the Peel gig, was ****ing amazing! Seeing them at 'Heaven' in a couple of weeks too. The new Home & Minor EP is ace, definitely worth a look if you're a fan...
  4. http://www.tcelectronic.com/PolyTune.asp Come on guys, 10 seconds with Google told me it was a TC Electronic product!
  5. I did think about that, but there would be all sorts of problems to do with relocating the bridge to accomodate the change in scale length, though I did look into the possibility of doing something similar with warmoth parts... its certainly an idea though.
  6. Yeah I know, that was pretty obvious from the off After years with a (well, a couple) of CIJ jazzmasters, it just felt great straight off the bat. Put some curtis novaks in (I prefer low output pickups) and shielded the cavity and it was 10 times better than my CIJs ever were, though that is playing indie/rock/shoegaze/post rock, some of the jazzmaster tone isn't there (though it isn't really there with the CIJs anyhow) so I wouldn't recommend for surf enthusiasts, but the already-shimmed neck, better break angle and 9.5 inch radius all get a big thumbs up from me. Build was top notch, as anyone who has owned any other classic player guitars can tell you: they're a step up from the 'standards', which themselves aint bad. The pickups are cool if you like them a little hot: theyre on a par with texas specials or SD 'hot for jazzmasters' so no uber-high output, just not vintage style. After a good shielding job, the CP had no issues whatsoever. Its the kind of guitar which makes the whole 'how do I mod my CIJ so I can sound like *insert rock guitarist here* when he plays his' series of threads obsolete. Fender listened, for a change.
  7. Dammit that's what I feared! Ok, I guess I'll take one for the team... it only remains to be seen...do I try it on my black classic player or elvis costello model? I think the costello could be the ultimate grunge axe... will get the plates and post some pics. Brap brap etc.
  8. Hi guys...was thinking recently that what first drew me to these guitars, and specifically the jaguar over the jazzmaster, was the cool chrome plates. I found that I liked the jazzmaster as a guitar a lot more but...has anyone ever just put the plates on a jazzmaster? I'm pretty sure it'd look cool, but would the plates fit the outline of a jazzmaster pickguard? I know there would need to be some extra pieces of wood or something glued into the cavities to mount the plates properly... guess I was just wondering whether it was feasable or not. I'm excited, anyway.
  9. I think thicker strings/tightening down your vibrato block screw (so you can only bend downwards) are your best options for what you want. Compressors are good if you're using a little or no overdrive as they really help to bring chords and single notes out much clearer. A distortion pedal will compress your sound anyway, so if you want it for high gain it won't make much difference. And please, please don;t get the CS-3. I quite like almost all boss pedals, but that is the only one I ever took back to the shop. I use a Visual Sound V2 Route 66 compressor & overdrive combo pedal and its the absolute bees knees, really natural sustain and pretty 'transparent' too, and the overdrive is the best tubescreamer knock-off I've ever heard. The danelectro unit is pretty good too, as are almost anything other than the MXR dyna comp (not the script logo reissues, they're amazing) and Boss CS-3: I thought both sounded terrible.
  10. Can't go wrong with the deville, especially if you get some THD yellow jackets/el84s in there, they'll give the tone a warmer, more rounded sound and will let you have a little break-up a bit sooner. Plus, they actually make the drive channel useable, which it really isn't otherwise! Fenders in general make good platforms for pedalheads though so you'd be set. The epi amps aren't great either...
  11. On the contrary, the music store is EXACTLY the place to judge an instrument, not harmony-central reviews, coz things like this happen i.e. some guy gets one thinking it'll play like a strat and doesn't, then blames the guitar. If it sounds like it works, and it feels like it works, then it works, no matter what some guy said on harmony central! If you're worried that it might not be practical from a modern players perspective, then check out the Classic Player model: a little more than a japanese model but with a modern 9.5" radius, hotter pickups and a gibson-style bridge. No issues. Or if you want an american model, the thin skin guitars have cool nitro finishes and the same modern neck radius as the classic player guitars.
  12. http://www.swinesheadpickups.co.uk/amp.shtml handmade in the uk, two vintage-style single-coils in a humbucker Also, have a look at lace sensors. Doesn't matter about angles or polepieces, and if anything some people think they're too clear. Red ('hot humbucker') would be what you're looking at. Users (to my knowledge): jonny greenwood (raidiohead) Billy corgan (smashing pumpkins)- first two albums (gish & siamese dream) guy from Dead Meadow God knows how many session guitarists
  13. I'd get two or three decent pedals instead of a lot of cheap stuff: you might as well get a multi-fx is you're going for all behringer stuff
  14. you have to put it in the FX loop of your amp if it's going to quiet your amp down, is that what you tried?
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