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  1. well, my band doesn't have a bass player so i need that low end from the Neck PU. but with the wiring i used, thanks to GP, the Lead Switch turns into a low-cut switch with an added capacitor. you can use the same kind (.003) as the low-cut for the Bridge PU or you can, as i did, put a .0047 in. the result is a low cut for the Neck that makes the PU less muddy and almost sounds like the mid PU of a strat! i still haven't upgraded my CIJ PU's either, and i know that would only make my guitar sound that much better. but trust me, with my Ampeg V-4 carrying the Neck low's and my Yamaha T100 driving the tone from the Bridge, i've never had such a rich tone! i'm sure i could send you the schematics and directions i used from GP. i keep giving him props, but for good reason. He was basically Tech Support all week. thanks for the intrest guys and any more questions, keep posting!
  2. well, after back and forth messaging with GP i finally have a working "Stereo" Jaguar! i took it to Guitar Center to get an Insert Cable (TRS to 2 MONO) and to test it out. Of course, every employee was saying, "dude, that's a sweet guitar. i'll buy it off you." but when i told them it was modded for stereo they were like, "no way. let me hear it." so i went up to two tube amps and plugged both in. i pushed a lot of gain for the Bridge and gave a nice rich tone for the Neck and holy crap! this thing sounded sweet! i thought the tone of one PU sounded great on this guitar, but with the ability to blend them without "combining" them, it sounds amazing! i even tried it on my Fender Champ and the tone is twice as good! if you are willing to try this, i would recommend it! i have the best tone i've ever had with my jag!!!
  3. when i open up the wiring, i tend to just close it back up. i would love to play around with it, but i'm not rich and Lefty Jags are hard to come by, so i don't want to "explore" unless i know exactly how to do it. Thanks everyone for the input! keep it coming if you can....
  4. yeah, i tried to get a hold of him, so we'll see what happens, but if and when i do figure out how to do what i'd like to do with my Jaguar, whether it be from this forum or another, i'll be sure to post the results. thanks, robert.
  5. okay, so i'm trying to make my Lefty CIJ Fender Jaguar into a stereo guitar. By "stereo" i mean taking separate outs for each pickup. So i would have the neck pu go to my Ampeg V4 and the bridge pu go to my Yahama T100. Right now i'm just using the Neck PU and running it to my Ampeg with distortion, and i know there's that next level i can push for playing live. My band, "Ikiru", doesn't have a bass player. We just use Fenders played through bass amps and there's more than enough low-end to punch through. We also use the pedals of a Hammond M101 Organ! anyway... anyone who could help with the diagram or modification without hacking up my Jaguar will be the greatest Jaguar Master alive! (well, for me that is.)
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