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  1. thanks for the advice, im not much of a guitar tech when it comes to setting them up. ive had a quick squiz at a post earlier this week, Am i right in thinking that a this guitar is harder/more complex to set up than, say a tele or strat. I managed to play around with a epi les paul, and managed to do a pretty good job on my own. i guess if i set it myself , ill set it to my preferences, as opposed to the guy in the shops. ill take another look at that post........ thanks..... MH
  2. hi, Ill post up some pics , just found the colour...shoreline gold...sounds ace!! yep, its just like that one SGhost ill get the camera out soon!! MH
  3. Hi , Im new to this board......Hello... Ive just bought a gold finish CIJ Jag 62 reissue. Its the coolest thing ive ever seen, has any one else got a gold one?? I was looking for an olympic white one, but when i saw this one I was sold, as ive never seen one finished in gold. Really enjoying playing it , but I need to save some cash to have it set up. Had a good look around the site, and ill pop on from time to time in between playing and working see ya MH
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