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  1. wow. thas alot of information. is there like a book on this stuff?
  2. i haven't had a chance to even talk to them about the case or anything yet. did the 65's have a mute? and what about the refinishing??
  3. i havn't been able to go down there myself and take pics, but i did find that they had a website with pics on it. here they are, also theguitar is listed on the website as "refinished in Sherwood Green." i'm a bit of a noob, but i believe that effects the price right? u can see there is no tremolo arm in the pics.
  4. I bsolutely love my hot rod deluxe. i think that i might get a deville for a size upgrade though. keep the hotrod for smaller gigs like a little jazz trio or something. are there any notable famous types that play jags that don't fall under the "grunge/metal" sound i could poosible check out?
  5. hey man, i'm not really digging the negative vibe that i got there. it wasn't literally asking if the only thing anyone ever played on jags was heavy. there is obviously a wide range of people playing the jag all with different tastes and i know this. the question was more to serve the purpose of giving me a feel for who around here plays something more along the lines of what i dig. after i got a certain level of response from the community i was gonna start maybe asking for specifics on setup and possibly mp3s if anyone was interested in it... think before being an ass thanks to anyone else who realized that being an ass is pretty much pointless anyway, and just tried to answer my question. even if i didn't make it as clear as i planned on.
  6. does anyone around here play something besides heavy distortion on thier Jag? i was cruising youtube and all the videos i looked at were metally/ grungy. i dig that and all, but i liked the clean sound and just tube amp overdrive that i got when i played one at guitar center through a Fender Deville, does anyone else just do that? i usually go drive around five trebel around 7 or 8 bass at a 6 mids at an 8, on verb i go a bit below 2 and on presence a bit above.
  7. i'll definately check up on the condition and such of the guitar now. i think i may even go over right now. how are some ways i can tell if parts have been replaced?
  8. http://www.thefenderforum.com/forum/for ... ay.php?f=9 this is a forum that i found through a Hotrod Deluxe page (my baby), it the fender guitar amp forum, so there prob a bunch of people there who know (i've never used it though).
  9. there's a retro guitar/ amp store near my college, and there is a 65 Jag there for 2,300. i didn't get a great look at it because it was hung behind the counter, and i have no interest in buying it right now but lets assume its mint condition. idk if the correct term for the color is surf green but thats how i would describe it. is this a reasonable price for somthing like that?
  10. that sonic blue with the red tort pickguard is beautiful. i really want one of the white ones. or if i were to pick up a cij i would want shoreline gold or olympic white.
  11. i didn't say i was playing the hh. it was and american re-issue as far as i could tell. it was black, but there were two single coil pickups and a mute device. there was no cover on the bridge and no bar in the tremolo (but there was a place for one.) it had a $1999 price tag.
  12. oh, i actually likes the jag sound when i ran it through a hotrod deluxe. clean and overdrive.
  13. well actually, i wasn't thinking about the tremolo thats a good point. the one i was playing didn't have one though. also i noticed that when i tried the built in mute device, it pushed the note up a half step (one fret for those who don't read music/understand theory). is that common? or is it also due to a bad setting?
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