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  1. Ok! No need to be like that! I thought this forum was for advice!?
  2. veryape posted this reply after the board got spammed by a load of girls-eating-#### porn - all the pics got taken down pretty quick so it doesn't make a lot of sense now, but he wasn't talking about the settings you recommended... Thanks Pedro!
  3. No! I didn't mean you'r post; Someone had posted some ####ting porn on here after my post but now it's been deleted.
  4. Hi. Since I've changed my strings from 9 -42 to 10-52's the low E string is buzzing but it cannot be heard on the amp. I've adjusted the action the way I like it so that I have a fairly low action, but raising the action untill the buzzing stops means that the action is then far too high for me. Does this mean I have to adjust the truss rod? If so how do I go about adjusting it? The screw is in an awkward place which means I have to take off my strings and scratchplate right?
  5. Very nice. Personally I prefer the original look. The only mod I've done is change the pickups to s duncans.
  6. What difference will the 5ook pots make?
  7. What is the best way to set my tone, mid and bass on my amp for a grunge sound? I play a Fender Jagstang with a s Duncan jb humbucker, Marshall 100 dfx amp, and Digitech gunge pedal. Thanks
  8. I gave the strings a good stretch and it did the trick. Thanks
  9. I was wondering what guage strings you all use on your stang? I am using super slinkys (9-42) because that's what I started using since I got my first guitar. I was wondering how much of a difference heavier guage strings will give? I've still got two packets of super slinkys left so I don't want to let them go to waste if I decide to change to a heavier guage. Cheers
  10. I have changed my strings but that was two weeks ago and I play for an hour every day. But I will check that anyway. Thanks
  11. Hi. 9-42 strings, my tuners fine. I don't use my trem. Which is the tension bar?
  12. My low e string on my stang frequently goes out of tune. What's happening?
  13. I've changed my pickups to a Seymour Duncan JB and an SSL5 single coil. I haven't changed the pots. Do I need to? What difference would it make?
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