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  1. Yeah, I didnt even do a mod but I dld the schematic and I had wires in mine that werent even on the schematic. So that schematic is not a good tool to help.
  2. Now the question is...Will a tailpeice for a 62 Jaguar fit on a newer MIJ Jaguar Special? It almost looks to me like the actual bridge or tailpeice is in a different position. Has anyone ever tried this and will it fit?
  3. Ho, I have a MIJ Jaguar. I would like to change out the standard tail piece and get one from a 62 jaguar. Its completely different in design but I dont see why it wont work. Maybe it wont. But Im having a hard time finding one. Where do they sell them. I wouldnt be opposed to a used one either...
  4. Naw...Im not gonna report them to Ebay. Im happy to let it drop. If he/she goes thru Ebay I know I dont have anything to worry about. Ill just tell them my side and ofcourse I have ALL the emails. Even the ones from right after the auction ended where in one of our emails I mentioned that I had a MIJ Jaguar that I took them off and he didnt say anything. So I guess Im not worried. Im not on here to Bash this person but just to write about my view and allow him/her to come here and ask other members what they think... Otherwise Im happy to let it go. We should both just give positive fe
  5. Im actually starting to think someone hijacked this persons account. They asked me if I was related to Bill Clinton? I have no idea why they would ask me that. But thats the kind of things they write to me. He told me my entire listing is a lie or deception. I want the guy to be happy with the tuners. But so far he's just insulted me or threatened that I should be sure to give Ebay enough info...I think hes just messing with me. I dont feel I lied in anyway. They are fine tuners. We both have 100% rankings on Ebay so I doubt he wants to screw that up. I dont. But he has 408 and Iv
  6. Yeah, Ive got a problem with the person that bought them from me. This is what he wrote me... genuine fender kluson style tuners,made in japan! i don't know how old you are but they have not made a jaguar in quite a while. they don't even say kluson. i see a trend happening on ebay right now and i do not like it! false advertising. that's it i've had it. you better get back to me or talk to ebay. this is going to stop! Ebay item number...130185175945 The person emailed me a few times before and after the auction. In 1 of those emails I told him that they came off a MIJ Jaguar. And he di
  7. Thats fine. Thats all I want. Id even sell them on here. But on Ebay Im Capintrip. I have them up and I put what you said but I didnt add too much else cause I wasnt sure. I'd take 25-35 bucks for them plus a few bucks shipping...
  8. So would it be cool to call them Kluson Style tuners? And will they fit on a standard Strat or Tele? Thanks
  9. Those look like them from the back. But Im talking about the peg part. On mine you wrap them 2-3 times and stick the end strait down into the peg from the top rather than from the side like most tuners. I just want to know if there is any special name to call them.
  10. So they are just considered Kluson style tuners? Does that refer to the part where you put the strings in to that hole from the top down to the inside of the tuner rather than putting it in the holes that most tuners have in the side of the peg. Mine are "hole from top" in not the side hole kind. I realize thats probably confusing. But I want to sell them on ebay so I need to know exactly what they are called and what other models they might fit.
  11. Hi, Can someone who had a MIJ Jaguar Special tell me what kind of tuners those are? And will they fit in say a strat or tele?
  12. StevieK Thanks for that info. I will definitely check them out. I guess the only reference I have to go with is my old guitar (rickenbacker) and my old mans Stevie Ray Vauhn (sp?) Strat. And since I dont have my Rick I can only A B it with my old mans Strat. Also he bought it from a guy who changed the pickups in it before selling it to him. So we dont know what are in it. But my Jag is definitely thinner sounding compared to his fatter sounding Strat. So I know I want something different. I know sound is subjective but in my experience the Jag is more thin sounding than it should b
  13. Well, I want to keep the same look for the pickups. I dont want to have to route out the body to make them fit. I guess the stock PU's just are a little thin sounding. I would like to get PU's that sound great clean or with a little bit O' vintage distortion, kinda bluesy. I dont care if they are humbuckers or not. As a matter of fact I dont even know what kind are in there to begin with. I just want TOP of the LINE PU's for classic rock and occasionally some modern rock.
  14. Anyone else have any recomendations for pickups? or Tuners? Remember price is NOT an issue...I want THE BEST
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