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  1. dont flame me for this question do i have to remove the strings to change the pickups on my 65RI?
  2. ya, it would be cool, but unfortunately it does not seem so....i mean, it does get quieter, but not totally gone. is this an issue with other guitars with single coil pickups? or is it unique to the mustang re-issues? here is another question that may seem a bit silly, but is important to me....if i change out the pickups will i still have a mustang? or will my guitar become something else?
  3. well, its a new guitar, amp, cables, etc. i am making the assumption that all the electronics are good to go. i am a bit hesitant to open the guitar up and see if everything is OK on the inside. i guess i will have to do it at some point tho, huh?
  4. does ur mustang have stock pickups? what about the type of distortion pedal? after work today i played around with the pedal more....if i turn both pickups on the hum is not so bad. i assume the pickups are somewhat cancelling each other out?
  5. Hi all...i have a couple of questions about the single coil pickups in my 65 RI mustang. when i use a boss ds-1 distortion pedal with my mustang and tube amp it is unplayable. lots of noise, hum, popping. i have a similar problem when using the overdrive channel on the amp, but not nearly as bad as with the pedal. i believe this problem comes from the stock single coil pickup. is this true? in other posts ppl have recommended changing the bridge pickup with a jb jr....will this eliminate the problems i am having when using my distortion pedal? can i leave the neck stock or should it be
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