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  1. By connecting it to the fx loop it is supposed to sound clearer. It is also good because it is going straight into the power-amp section rather than going through the pre-amp section. Since it is going straight into the amp rather than after your guitar,your signal to noise ratio will be lower. This being said I rarely use FX loops.
  2. looks like a good idea to me if you are after the p90 sound. And they are wax potted, that is a big plus
  3. hmmm sounds like you neck is busted, sorry to hear that. When adjusting the truss-rod if you do any extreme adjustment let it stand for a day two, that way you will allow the neck to accommodate. but if you try to twist it back and forth trying to get it right fast, chances are that you are going to break it. adjusting old necks is a pain man.
  4. yeah, knowing your gear is a whole different story. I've heard excellent recordings out of 4 track cassette players while I've also heard horrible sessions recorded on pro tools.
  5. I sold mine and now I'm planning to get another one. There is really something about them. they beg to be played
  6. BUILDING A HOME STUDIO by J As close as 10 years ago most people would not even consider building their own home studio. You had to save some money, make friends with a studio owner and work something out with them to get a decent demo on the cheap. But thanks to technological advances now most groups record their own music in their own homes or apartments, and most of them achieve studio quality! It is basically a no brainier because once you get the equipment the studio is right there at your service 24/7, it's a one time small investment. If you want to make a recording space at home t
  7. After trying them all I ended up with the NYC. Couldn't be happier.
  8. Jaguar project I'm thinking of building a Jaguar and I'm thinking of getting the parts off of warmoth. I purchased a strat body from them once and I was really satisfied with it so I guess there shouldn't be any problems this time. What I'm concerned about this times is the neck. What are your experiences with necks from warmoth?? and lastly, is it worth builiding one from scratch or am I better off getting one used? If I go in the "used" direction it would have to be a CIJ because Americans cost an arm. :/ what upgrades do you guys usually do to this cij's?? Thanks
  9. True I have an old fender mag that talks about various guitars, their history, mods, reissues but it's mostly about strats and teles.
  10. I'm thinking of getting a muff but I can't decide between the russian version and the little big muff. The NYC seems a bit harsh so thats why I was looking into the russian one. My concern is quality... I've heard people complaining about the russians weak jacks and so on and I read that the little big muff is more of a medium between the russian and the NYC. Which would be better for a jaguar/twin reverb setup?
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