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  1. He is definately God. At a Dino show a few months ago, I caught his pick, as well as Murph's drum stick, and it was one of the greatest things ever, even if i was deaf from him cranking his 10 marshall stacks all the way in a 250 person club...
  2. 2005 Mustang->Little Big Muff->Small Clone->Small Stone->Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
  3. I'd have to say thats pretty killer. But how do the pickups selectors work? I've never seen any like that
  4. Pretty amazing to me. I do wish they would just call it a Trini Lopez reissue, basically because thats what it is. Though he's fairly decent, i don't think its fair they should put Dave's name on it since it was originally Trini Lopez's model.
  5. that is one of the most godly axes ive ever seen... the cream p-90s go awesome with the green. Well done!
  6. bridge is on and the Seventh Inlay is in finally! For the whole "missing 7th inlay" incident, the guitars name will be #7
  7. its a lbm. It AND my small clone keep making noise. But only sometimes its wierd i wonder if its my cables or something
  8. Yesterday, i bought a fender hot rod deluxe and plugged my big muff in and it made an enormous amount of hiss, hum, and noise. This was even when the fuzz box wasnt switched on. I unplugged it and all of this noise stopped. Any idea on how to stop these terrible sounds while still using the big muff?
  9. http://www.curtisnovak.com/pickups/jm-paf.shtml That where you can get a humbucker in jazzy casing.
  10. Heres some more pics. More shaping is to be done on the neck, as well as the fretboard needs to be coated. You might also realize that there is one more inlay to be placed. Some of the pics look a bit awkward because of the camera angle, keep that in mind
  11. Thanks man good to know and especially coming from the great aug.
  12. Thanks we're quite flattered. The tips are much appreciated as well. We've gotten very lucky so far considering we started out not knowing #### about making guitars. By the way, the we bought a pre-shaped nut, so we only need the slots cut in it. So far we have only applied tung oil to the body. I guess ill apply Sherwood Green like iCEByTes said. As for the wood we used you may be right about it being walnut, that or African mahogany, but i agree that it looks like walnut.
  13. Heres a pick of the neck glued on. Since this pic my dad has glued the fretboard and nut on, and put in the pearl dot inlays.
  14. uhh... not that i would buy one right NOW, but does anyone have a template for an XII?
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