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  1. I'm going to be starting a Jag-Stang build soon, I have a body, neck and vintage WRHB already and am in the process of getting the rest of the parts together. My plan was to do a single pickup version with the Wide Range in the neck position. I wanted to do the body in a chocolate brown, similar to the 70's Mocha brown Fender put out. After thinking about it though I'm tempted to go all the way and do it as a "what if" guitar. I.E. what if the Jag-Stang was put out in the 70's but was of course curious on what others thought about it. Opinions are always fun to have. So the plan would be
  2. Yeah the third one is pretty cool looking but I'm not entirely sold on the rhythm plate on a Jag-Stang. I'd have to see more of them with it done but they just don't seem to match up that well with the elongated horn. Just my opinion. I may try it eventually but for now it's just going to be a one pickup guitar with simple wiring. I'm kind of set on wanting to use a Bronco guard too which I think would look a bit funky with the upper plate. I think you'd have to do some serious reshaping on the guard to make it work. I would totally do the 3rd one though if and when I build a Mustang. I t
  3. I can't seem to find an answear to this and my photo shoping skills are non exisistant. So I was wondering if it's possible to fit a Jaguar lower control plate, the vol/tone plate onto a Jag-Stang in place of the Mustang plate. I'm going to be starting a build soon in which I'd like to try this if it would work. I'm planing on useing a modified Bronco style guard and am trying to find of a way to fix the lines on the bottlm edge. You know how the pickguard cuts in on the lower horn and the Mustang plate doesn't really follow ther curve of the body. I know I could just reangle the plate a
  4. Thanks foxy. Today I got the pickup for this project in the mail, a vintage Wide Range humbucker. You can see below the pickup has been somewhat modified from it's original form. Four conductor wiring, mounted on a standard humbucker base plate and pole pieces flipped around. Looks to be original other wise. Not sure how I want to proceed with it. Either having it put back to it's stock form or leave it as is. I am tempted to ship it off to someone and have it restored, cover base plate and all. Although the idea of having a series/parallel option is kinda of intriguing. Al
  5. Guess this isn't as cool of a project as I thought it was hah. Regardless of that here's a small update on it. Finally finished sanding off the sealer, down to bare wood now. I messed around a little with the ebonizing solution I made (vinegar and steel wool). This one was shortly after a second coasting of the solution. It was still damp but I kind of like it. Not exactly what I am looking for though. Here it is after it's dried a bit, Has a bit more of a chalky look to it, also nice but not what I'd need. One concern I have with ebonizing is that since the body is a 4 or 5 piece
  6. No suggestions but this is going to be a cool project. I've had the idea for a while of doing a Bass VI Jagstang.
  7. I'm in the process of a Bronco to Bass VI conversion. I'm not sure where I want to go with it. I keep flip flopping between wanting to make a fictional 70's accurate instrument, a mash up of a Bronco and Jaguar (Brouar VI?) Or something completely different all together. The fictional 70's one I'd do up with F tuners, black bronco (guitar) pickguard, Bronco knobs and a single Wide Ranger humbucker. The mash up Bronco/Jaguar would be a tort mustang pickguard, upper jaguar rhythm plate, Mustang control plate,Jaguar 3 switch plate, white button head tuners, 2 Jaguar pickups (slanted?) side by
  8. Thanks for the input. Yea I'm going to change the output to the side of the guitar. As for the controls I was thinking the 3 slide switches would the 3-ways and wired like a Mustang. I know I want at least series/parallel options. I wouldn't mind phase switching as well though. Can I get the Brian May switching options with 3 Mustang slide switches? The four knobs I was thinking of using as vol/tone from the bridge and neck pickups and having the middle go straight the the output jack. If I thought I could fit a vol/tone for each pickup I would. I suppose I could use stacked potentiom
  9. I have a baritone I recently bought that was a parts guitar. The current pickguard I don't really like aside from the color of it. Since I'm wanting to change the pickguard I thought maybe I'd mod it a little more as I don't particularly like where the stock controls are. Here is the stock guitar as it stands now. Thinking about something like this. Or this... Maybe with the switching above the knobs. Other ideas or suggestions are more then welcome. I'll more then likely go with white knobs (mustang or witch hat) and white slide switches. I'm toying with the idea of slanting
  10. I'm in the midst of a project and needed a measurement off the Toronado bridge and Mustang bridge. On the Toronado I need the distance between the two outer most front mounting screw holes. Preferably from center to center of the holes. The other measurement the distance between the two post holes in the bridge. Also the height from the bottom of the bridge to the top of the saddles. Any help is appreciated.
  11. A few months back I was toying around with the idea of a reverse"non-reverse" Firebird and a reverse Firebird. Well lo and behold I just came across just such a thing, and it's a hollowbody to boot. Although the shape could be refined I quite like it. Anyways I was wondering if anyone knew the brand of this thing. One is currently listed on the bay but I won't link to it. Here are some pictures of it. A couple more pictures here.Guitar
  12. I haven't bought a new guitar in few years but recently came across two deals I couldn't pass up. More pictures here...
  13. Does anyone know where I might find a tracing (preferably with the tuner hole locations) of a Fender Coronado? I have a project in the works that involves a headstock reshape. I always thought the Coronado's looked nice, plus you don't seem to see it to often. Any thing would be helpful. Not sure where to start other then trying to hand draw it out. I'd like for it to be a little more accurate then that though as part of the reshape is due to having to relocate the tuners.
  14. Thanks for the reply HNB. Although that's a cool pickup the guitar I saw had actual P-bass pickups in it. I want to say the guitar was white with a black guard. I believe it was set up with the strings passing between the poles on the pickup. I thought it was shown on a thread regarding the Novak 7 pole Jazzmaster pickups but I wasn't able to find it there.
  15. So I have a project I'm gearing up for and am looking for a specific picture. It's actually part of the inspiration for this build. I saw the picture a while back, may have been on the offset forum. Regardless no amount of searching has turned anything up thus far. The picture is of a Telecaster guitar equipped with P-bass pickups. Seems straight forward enough
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