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  1. i got on this forum when i first got my Jag. i migrated to OSG when this forum seemed to be going through a slow patch. do love checking up every now and again though, major improvements have been made! kudos to the mods.
  2. i bought the modified Mustang bridge. i didn't like it and it was loaded with the wrong size height adjustment screws. there is plenty of helpful information on this and other boards to help you properly set-up a stock Jaguar bridge. maybe start with a higher string gauge. good luck! SG
  3. slab board vs veneer board (unbound) bound neck (apologies for the size, best i could find)
  4. second that. are you gonna do a XII and a Bass VI as well?
  5. i can't find them for sale. IMO, the stripe is dumb. i like the black/tort though. what did they run new?
  6. jazzmasters never came with a mute. i've seen people who have fitted mutes onto jazzmasters, for use or to cure a overleaning bridge. i have heard that it's difficult to fit next to the larger pickup covers. http://www.mel-tones.com/jagandjazz/mutepage.html
  7. you'll also have to route the body to fit the humbucker in there.
  8. terrible. too terrible to show a full body shot.
  9. This is from a thread discussing Vintage 65's Not sure how vintage correct the reissue Stangs are. I would expect it to have one too, but just because you don't doesn't make it not genuine.
  10. Pretty sure it only affects the delay signal. I imagine you can set low delay and get the most out of chorus/vibrato but it won't replace a small clone.
  11. yea, i figure it's only five bucks, so i might as well. i would have figured this would come up more often than not, considering the nature of the Jag bridge. thanks!!
  12. thanks Aug! I actually already did this. Could you confirm the link at the top of the thread is what i should order?
  13. i recently replaced the intonation screws and springs on the Tele...got them at the hardware store...no little 4-40 hex, though...
  14. having a hard time confirming this from other people who know for sure, but i think these are right. i too am missing a high E screw. product #: GS_0379-005 http://www.allparts.com/categories.php?cat_name=BRIDGE%20SADDLE%20HEIGHT%20SCREWS
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