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  1. I have a Mesa Studio 22+ (Ancestor of the New Mesa Express) sounds great with my modded Jag Special especially in Singlecoil Mode It has been coined before as a Vox on Steroids
  2. Scratch that. The plan (as advised by people more versed in the art of splitting coils) is to send the "hot" wire (Black by SD standards) to the circuit (lead selector), the Ground (green) is soldered on the volume pot casing and the Red and White go to the Push Pull switch (centre lug) and that is grounded through the bottom lug... Repeat those steps for the push pull on the tone pot and the Rhythm circuit... That means i can use the Jag circuits as designed but in single or bucker mode
  3. Pedro - You could always cut off a screw and glue that in the spare hole for cosmetics. I'm thinking now about going for the two push pulls (they sell the 1 Meg Audio taper push pulls on Guitarpartsresource in the US)... from looking at the wiring the Jaguar HH has the same configuration as that on the Seymour Duncan schematic. It's just a question now of working out how to fit the pickups so i get the splitting but keep the original circuits? Thinking about it i could wire the two sets of coils to the two push pulls, then wire from the push pulls to the original switch selector areas that the original pickups were connected directly to...
  4. i'd just have one split on each of the two pots. make the most sense and gives the most options! Mmm... so one on the volume and one on the tone... Now if i do that would it still work on the rhythm circuit?
  5. Just been reading this and wondering whether i can do the same... http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/schematics/3_stks4_1v_1t_5w_3splits.html
  6. Nope not Cornish but a name i use with the band i'm in atm I'm thinking that using the outer coils would probably get me close to a Jaguar sound... i listened to the Swineshead AMP pups and they do have a fender vibe when in singlecoil mode... it's just now figuring where to put the split (pots or switch)
  7. Hi there, newbie here Tomorrow i should be picking up a new JGS-83 (Jaguar Special) from the Post Office, freshly delivered from Ishibashi I was thinking (already) about exchanging the pickups for some that i can split to get singlecoil sounds (probably using a push pull pot and either SD SH-3 Stag Mags, Riogrande Tallboys or Swineshead AMPs) as well as 'bucker sounds. My question really is how different are Jag singlecoils to regular singlecoils and what would be the best way to fit the pickups so i can use the regular Jaguar switches etc in both modes?
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