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  1. I am on ebay right now, I have a seymour duncan quatre pounder at the moment, but would like to try something a bit more grrrrrrrrrrrr, thinking of a jb. anyone suggest a good low priced pick up, mini humbucking that wont need me to route the body. I have been using these cool, heavy bottom strings and they have made the jag come alive. now I just want to make it sing a little more.
  2. I added a thread under the effects section, maybe I should have put it here. I have a Fender Jag, lovely beast,recently I have been considering changing the pick up. I have a seymour quatre pounder in it, but I would like something like a little 59, basically a humbucker hot rails type pick up, would the little 59 be easy to fit, and would it be a good buy, or would you suggest a differnt make or model, thanks Pete I play blues,indie and classic rock on it mostly. www.myspace.com/thestereohigh although the demos on there are using a dano that I have since sold.
  3. I have a seymour quatre pounder at the moment, but I am thinking of going for a seymour little 59, will it be easy to put in, or do you suggest any other pick ups
  4. he has a jaguar i read today on a gear discussion link, I wonder if anyone knows what song he used it on, and if there are any photos ?????
  5. OK It is sunburst, its great, sounds amazing. a few issues though, number one a few fret buzzes, any help getting rid of them would be great, I am new to set ups 2. it came with two trems one with a screw ?, the other slots in. it seems a bit. the trem doesnt seem to have a lot of wobble, is this just how they are, it feels real low as well. 3. the lock that stops the trem , well it does`nt seem to lock the trem at all any advice will be great, its going in next week for a set up and I really want it to sound good. oh 1 last thing, can i change just the saddles on the bridge, allparts st
  6. cheers mate top reply i think i might get the bridge done right away, then the pick ups sorted after
  7. wow has anyone got these in, i love the write up on these. any reviews from a user thanks. pete http://www.myspace.com/grandunion
  8. thanks the bridge looks great on those links, i will have to get one. May i ask another question, Its going to be set up before i get it, should I ask for 11 gauge strings as ive read somewhere, and what other details shall i pass on as requirements for my set up. cheers pete http://www.myspace.com/grandunion
  9. Getting it friday, sunburst 500 quid, with two complete set ups thrown in free. I am considering having a pickup change right from the start, i would like a humbucker added, I am new to the fender jag so I could use advice. I understand a pickup change and possibly the bridge being improved is a good investment. So any tips or prices would be fantastic this is my band http://www.myspace.com/grandunion and I am Pete Hellooooooo everyone
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