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  1. There might be enough space left for the switches... Id'd still need some dremeling, and a custom pickguard. (stole the pic on ShortScale.org)
  2. Hope he'll see your post, or I'll PM him later. Thanks for the tip!
  3. I want soapbar P90s for aesthetic reasons. That's why I wondered... I don't fear routing, as I said; I only fear I wouldn't be able to sit the switches in the usual place.
  4. I've seen only one, but it was a Custom Shop one, so it won't help me much... Has someone tried to put P90s (soapbar, not single coil sized) in his/her Mustang? As it's slightly longer than either a single coil or a humbucker, I wondered about the routing: how would it go into the switches' cavity? That's a Warmoth body. That's the only pickup routing option they've got for Mustangs; it accepts humbuckers, single coils, and angled SCs. If I wanted to order them a body like this, I'd have to dremel it a bit on the right side of the cavities... But wouln't the pickups touch the switches? I
  5. That part is slightly problematic, as it's definitely not the most widely available model. I'll try to hunt for one, though... *Try*! Thanks for the reply.
  6. Hi, I haven't really seen a place where I could introduce myself, so I'll make it short. I've never been fond of Mustangs, which seemed to me were "small, somewhat cheapy student guitars". And recently, I've seen The Long Blondes perform in Paris (oh, by the way, I'm french!), and Emma played a Mustang, and to be honest, it was the forst time I saw one for real, I noticed I've only seen pictures before, not the real deal. And I fell in love (with the guitar, not with Emma). Now, a Mustang is topping my to-buy list. But if I first thought I'd get a RI, I also thought I could combine with my
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