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  1. i love my EHX LPB-1 its makes my 65 mustang ri scream!
  2. what kind of screwdriver or hex or whatever do i need to take my knobs of my 65 reissue? they are loose and i need to tighten them. thanks
  3. my 65 reissue has pretty weak pups, but with my electro harmonix lbp-1 on full they scream. so definetly get a booster if you find them weak.
  4. i got it today and everything looks and feels right. it has the cloth covered pickup wires and the metal in the cavities. one thing though, is the neck plate supposed to be blank? i was under the impression it was supposed to have an f stamp. anyone know if a blank one is ok and on the reissues? also the serial number is R073998 does that match the reissues?
  5. whats the format for japanese serial numbers? also anything else that i should look for? like how things are wired, part model #'s or anything of that sort?
  6. what would sure signs of a real new fender 65 ri be? what should I look for? I just got one on ebay for $550 in perfect shape and should be here in a day or so. also what are the serial # like in these reissues? thanks
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