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  1. That's exactly why I asked. I do plan on getting direct Jag replacement pickups, and might get a metal insert to make the mounting a little more robust. I just wanted to know what I was getting myself into on the mounting issues, since one routed for 'buckers is almost certainly not going to have the mounting mechanism set up or pre-drilled for single coils. Thanks again for the tips!
  2. One more quick question - how do the pickups mount? Just a screw into the wood, or is there some sort of mounting mechanism beyond that?
  3. Awesome - exactly what I was hoping. I was looking at a tortoise shell pickguard too - looks very nice against the black. Thanks for the info!
  4. Hi, I was recently looking into getting a Jag (I'm mostly a bassist, but play some guitar), but the Japanese reissues are difficult to get (and seem a bit expensive) and the American ones are out of my price range. Is there some awesome secret source for Japanese Jags? Alternately, is it feasible to buy a Jaguar HH and replace the pickguard and the pickups with single coils and wind up with a traditional Jag, albeit with a fixed tailpiece? That seems cheaper than eBay or the Japanese sources listed here. TIA.
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