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  1. That's cool that you put the pillows up there, they're really good BTW in some other pics the middle guy is using Mustang with a humbucker in the bridge The Pillows have said many times that they were heavily influenced by Nirvana and other american bands just look up the pillows on youtube and find their cover of breed, not that bad
  2. Yeah Shaun's fastback is very customized fretboard, back of neck, no knobs, only bridge pickup anyways I am just trying to figure out whcih pickup he has in the bridge, is it a stock HB-102? not to mention in the the newer model did they just cover the HB-102 with a metal plate?
  3. Yeah, Shaun's only has the bridge pickup, which I'm trying to find out what that one is it doesn't look like the FG-101 (which is now in the bridge of Fastbacks) it looks like a HB-102 (which was in the bridge of old models) I have the pics of both models above, also, in the new edition it looks like they switched pickup placement but it still says FG and HB so did they put a metal plating over the HB-102 at the neck? Cuz it doesn't look like the HB-102 that was in the guitar before
  4. Well if you didn't read the post then the picture wont make sense really its not a Tele Deluxe, its a Schecter PT Fastback, "in the title ;)" I am just wondering about the pickup configuration, if you read the post then you would understand what I'm asking, and if I just edited my first post, it would be a wall of text, and you most likely wouldn't have read that either then so any help people? or does no one have a clue, like me
  5. BREAKTHROUGH!!! ok, so I went ot Seymour Duncan's site and figured out screwed up in the beginning, the FG in 07 was in the neck, while the HB-102 was the bridge pickup so now what? Did they just switch places for 08? the FG is now the Bridge pickup and I would assume the HB-102 is the neck, but it is plated in metal now, not just open, is it the same pickup though? just Schecterfied? if so, is it a quick fix to switch them? I want a fastback so it looks like I'll have to deal with the new maple
  6. haha last edit, I promise here's a GREAT pic of the 07 model, very up close http://namm.harmony-central.com/WNAMM05 ... blk-lg.jpg
  7. btw here's some pics of Shaun's PT Live, hope this helps http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.c ... D=52377757 http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.c ... D=50724470 http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.c ... D=50736485 judging from that last pic, I'd say that he doesn't use a 08 model, looks more like the old model Bridge humbucker (WHICH I DON"Y REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS!#@()&!@#)
  8. oops, I screwed up the URL links...oh well...just copy and paste since I'm a noob at those
  9. Hey guys, it's been a LONG time since I've been on here "busy with Physics class" bleh! anyways I was just wondering if anyone that knows about Schecter PT Fastbacks can help me out here. First off, I went on to Schecter's website and noticed that they completely changed the Fastback's config. From the 2007 model, they took the neck pickup, Duncan Designed HB-102, and put it in the bridge position...all while putting a new pickup in the neck, FG-101 So does anyone know what real difference this made? And what was the model of humbucker that was in the original 2007 edition bridge position
  10. Okay, I was wondering how pre-amps are setup/work. A good example is kurt's mesa/boogie studio pre amp, which I would assume is somehow connected to his twin as well as his power amps. How do pre-amps work though? I don't understand since it is just a box that from what I see, sits on top of the amps...I know this may be a stupid question but this has puzzeled me for quite awhile now.
  11. Well TragicTravisty, AshleyNirvana didn't really start this topic they just helped out, I was the one who wanted to know his exact way, but I play it the way A-Nirvana does, so I think the only stupid person is you to make fun of someone for the way they play. heh anyways I was just saying before that I think people over analyze Kurt's technique, I mean, who's to say if the way AshleyNirvana plays it is wrong? I do it that way and it sounds great. Kurt didn't play G major chord, you can clearly see he doesn't put his finger on the 2 fret on the A string. But really all I wanted to know was w
  12. heh I have to wonder though, that if he really meant to play the chord this way, or if he was just being sloppy and it sounded like what people think. It feels just like when I looked at the tab books in stores, where they have full chords being played, which he didn't do. Just look at the books explination of Breed, heheh no way does he do that.
  13. hehe yeah, I don't play the full chord either like it should -3 -0 -0 -0 -2-----I don't use that, it really annoys me , then again, I don't think Kurt did either. -3
  14. Thanks guys, this will definately help. About kurt's sloppiness, yeah i know, i think thats what i love about his music, you can play it as sloppy as you want and it still sounds good, as well as it still remains really fun.
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