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  1. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=150302496666&Category=4713&_trksid=p3907.m29
  2. I love the jag-stang shape and look, it plays so well. i just needed to tweak it to my own specs
  3. I dont bother with the whammy anymore, the roller nut is ideal for smooth tuning
  4. Hi guys, i've been visiting this site and forum since about 1999. I've had my jag-stang since 1998. I thought some of you may be interested in the various mods I've done to my guitar over the years so here goes! The first thing I did was change the picks ups, a dimarzo super distortion in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan cool rails in the neck. I then removed the tremolo springs and bolted the bridge down, as well as changing the saddle for a goto one which i had to grind to keep the action as low as possible. I also re-wired the guitar following the schematic on the main page. I also added a duel tone push-pull pot (which i later removed and never got around to re-fitting) Next I changed the tuners for some brushed chrome locking ones. I changed the nut for an LSR roller nut and added two roller string trees. I've never been happy with the input and switch location (I kept hitting my finger's on the switch) so i decided to have the input on the side of the guitar and install 3 way toggle switch in place of it. I've completely removed the switches and plan on getting a custom scratch-plate made up without the switch holes. Anyway enough of my rambling here are some pix, I would love to know people's thoughts on the guitar.
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