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  1. Most people used JB for your style of music - both in single-coil size or full humbucker size. But recent releases of newer seymour duncan pickups are worth experimenting. I currently use JB which is good bridge pickup for both clean and distorted. It can push your amp for that crunchy gain and cut through any loud band setup. I also used DiMarzio DP103 which paired well with a single coil neck pickup. It does not overwhelm the weaker neck pickup.
  2. I guess with TOM, you don't need to worry about too many moving parts of a jazzmaster/jaguar type bridge. The overall modifications of a CP made the tuning and intonation stable. TOM bridge is just one factor. I have yet to play a 'real' jazzmaster to try to compare to a CP.
  3. Let us know the outcome if you (or your cousin) finally decide to swap it.
  4. I think you can if the mustang thimble is a tight fit into the current TOM bridge holes. Worst case is you will need to plug the current holes and drill new ones.
  5. US, 65RI and 69RI are different. Screw holes are not aligned. The pickup spacing are off. It will fit only if you drill new holes and widen the pickup cavity. I managed to fit a 69RI PG in my 65RI by doing that. I think Guitarpartsresource's japanese PG are for 69RI mustang.
  6. Yes. Good find. I just watched the shootout of BD-2 and OD-3 (which I have). BD-2 is creamier while OD-3 got more bite.
  7. NGD. Got this from a local guitar shop for SGD920 in conjunction with their Luna Sea concert promotion. I could have had it signed by Inoran but heck I'm not a Luna Sea fan.
  8. Just installed punchier Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot pickups.
  9. Finally bit the bullet. Sold my CIJ Jagmaster to get a CP Jazzmaster.
  10. I prefer the narrow string spacing of TOM. The flatter radius of TOM makes the B and E strings higher on fretboard which prevents them from choking during bends. Again, it's a matter of preference.
  11. Have you tried grounding the the bridge plate with the control plate using a thin wire? Squeeze the wire under the cavilty plate and control plate. This is a quick and lazy way. Old mustangs are grounded like this.
  12. Looks classy, man. It can pass off as another pawnshop series.
  13. Mustang is wired in series. Check the Mustang under Guitar section. You'll find a lot of useful info there. http://www.jag-stang.com/faq/mustang/fender-mustang-wiring-diagram/
  14. It may be their old stock guitars...I don't see it in Fender website.
  15. the closest i've seen is the chrome f tuners. not the white button. http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/guitar_leftytuners.htm
  16. I am not sure is this is what you are looking for. http://zeus.lunarpages.com/~jimshi2/service/
  17. Last time I found it here. Now I can't. http://www.fenderjaguar.net/manual.htm
  18. Reminded me of my one of my first posts when I was new to this site. I went for JB that time - it sounded dark, no twang and ended up installing back the stock bridge pickup. Maybe you can go with lower output of the cool rails. Also try looking at lindy fralins split blades. it is hum canceling and supposed to have the same output as the strat pickups.
  19. Nice. Demo please. Do you mind if I ask what is the ballpark figure $$$? =)
  20. I think most vintage duo-sonics and mustangs got a narrower neck heel. Try getting the measurements of the reissue necks from some websites if you can find one. In my case it was opposite - a reissue mustang body with a vintage neck. There was a gap approx. 2mm on both sides. Shimmed the sides of the neck pocket for a tight fit.
  21. Try the links from this site. http://www.marcelroy.com/parts.html Then you will find this at angela .com http://angela.com/jazzmasterjaguarmustangchromebridgecover.aspx 2 years ago I scored from ebay a vintage tailpiece and bridge that comes with a cover. It fits both vintage and reissue bridge.
  22. I've seen this at ikebe-gakki. I wonder who would get this guitar. Die hard spidey fans? http://www.ikebe-gakki.com/shopping/goods/goods.php?fair=252
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